Automate crypto trading with your own market making bot

Tired of getting crushed by bots when you trade🤯? Now, you can roll your own!
Hummingbot is open-source software that allows anyone to create automated, algorithmic trading bots that make markets on both centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. 💡
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Heyyy Product Hunters, Yingdan from hummingbot here. We are so excited to share hummingbot with you! 🙌🏼 Shout out to 0x team for their support during the past few months! Free and open-source, hummingbot is made for crypto people by crypto people. Currently, hummingbot supports Radar Relay, Binance and DDEX. We expect to build more exchange connectors and roll out the graphic user interface in the near future. We’ve put a lot of effort in hummingbot, and hope you’ll try it out and share your feedback💘. I’m also happy to answer any questions.
@yingdan I'd love to understand your privacy policy better, especially the "Personal Data collected through sources other than the User" section.
Hey@_sklahr_ ! Thanks for your question. That section of Hummingbot privacy policy informs you that we might collect your data through third-party analytics platforms such as Google Analytics and Heap. The data they collect is typically your web browsing data, not your transaction or bot usage data.
Excellent product ! Love it ! Was fortunate enough to be an alpha tester and contributor to the UX. This product is gonna bring the much needed liquidity to the #defi space. Even better, traders can focus on their strategies and don't have to waste time on API integration and stuff. #dopefi #ethereum #0x #hummingbot
Super excited to use this! Awesome work guys, glad to see it's Open Source too~
Keep up the good work!
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