Twitterrific 5

Twitter's oldest Mac client re-imagined from the ground up

Twitterrific 5 is re-imagined from the ground up to be the Mac's most friendly, powerful and modern Twitter client. Twitterrific makes Twitter fun.

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I'm curious what's been "reimagined" here, especially given all the changes to Twitter over the last year (with more on the way #280characters).
"The Twitter app for people who actually use Twitter." Uh, what? Stop.
I know Twitterific has some big fans. As a long time Tweetdeck fan, I've never used it. How does this compare?
@rrhoover It's elegant, stylish, has all the functionality a decent Twitter client needs, but it's no powerhouse. Tweetdeck and Tweetbot for Mac have a lot more features. Twitterrific's main attraction is its very macOS'sy interface. A pleasure to work with, but only if you can live with a subset of Twitter features.
@rrhoover @t55 The real question - is it worth $20? I have heard the ravings of many hardcore Twitterific users, but that price seems steep. I could maybe seem some benefits from the synergy between Mac & iOS apps...
@rrhoover @t55 I could say the same about Tweetbot. Feels very native. Or, is there something different about Twitterrific that I am missing?
@rrhoover @t55 @arunsathiya 1st most important difference is accessibility for the blind. And then Universal timeline. Also build from the ground up for modern macOS.
Ah, here it is!!! Project Phoenix aka Twitterrific 5. The client that gave us the word Tweet and invented the bird. Cool to have it back on the Mac. It's not as powerful as the hardcore Twitterati might want it to be but it's solid start of something new. Congrats to the Iconfactory!
I would love a client that when I change accounts, the custom columns change too. Does Twitterific 5 do this?
@ludodeangelis you can have multiple accounts all open at once in different windows, or even set them into different space in macOS
@talosman woah okay... so could you have multiple accounts in different spaces, with different columns (say for monitoring hashtags) per account/space?
@ludodeangelis one timeline per window, as many window as you want open. Yes.