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Post Recycler lets social media managers or anyone on Twitter to schedule highest quality content for different promotions and campaigns in repeated cycles. Shuffle posts, play and pause content libraries - your recyclers anytime. Additionally, bulk uploading helps keep the focus on content creation while multiple scheduling options help match Post Recycler libraries with target audience. Finally, all the engagement data is ready for in-depth analysis on what type of content works, at which schedule and what kind of people love it.
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Thanks Kevin for putting us out :) Hello Product Hunt My name is Aadish and I am a Product Manager at Statusbrew. Statusbrew is a complete social media management platform for individuals, small businesses and agencies; helping them up their social media game. We are excited to share with you Post Recycler by Statusbrew. It has been great fun building a super useful tool that empowers social media managers to engage with audiences of different types with captivating content. We have started with Post Recycler for Twitter. Though Statusbrew also supports scheduling for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Together, me and Rishabh (CTO, Statusbrew) will be hanging out here to answering all your questions and getting some great feedback. Oh, Thanksgiving is upon us! Head to the landing page and we have a special treat for you when you check us out. Cheers! Aadish & Rishabh
Simple & efficient! Twitter scheduling done right!
@bhupinder87 Great! Thanks for the appreciation. Do let us know how we can make it better :)
Avid user of StatusBrew, which has made my life easier. Glad to see its latest feature launch on ProductHunt.
@anthony_stylianou Hey Anthony, that's awesome. Great to know Statusbrew is helping you being more productive :)
I'm not much of a fan of scheduled posts, recycled posts etc... I think brands obviously think differently but should still consider how/when/if they use them.
@bentossell Hey Ben. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :) While we were building Post Recycler we wanted that the user should have complete control over content creation, cadence of social posts so as to reach the target audiences. And with proper engagement analytics that we also provide we believe that it would further help brands decide how to improve creation and delivery of social content.
@bentossell Choosing the right content for recycling is important. Great content should be recycled and also update your recycler with new content. Some people like myself like to listen from firehose. If i see the same content again, i will probably give it a read. Post Recycler can take some of the burden that comes with Publishing to Social Media and with that suggest few things about How & What you should post. We hope people will use it wisely and share their stories.
@chiax just plainly not true. Great content is organic and fluid and intangible, not something you can bottle and sell over and over again. To use your example, if I see the same article again, especially if posted by the same org., I'm more likely to unfollow them than I am to read their article. And I read a lot. But scheduled posts are a deterrent. To put it plainly, they're stick out in a well-curated feed and are a turn off.