Automate your crypto trading without writing code

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Mudrex[YC W'19] helps crypto traders automate their trading without writing code. Traders can:

- Convert trading rules into an automated trading strategy using a drag-n-drop UI editor

- Test trading strategies on historical and live data

- Connect order only API keys from exchanges like Binance/Bitmex

  • Steven Enamakel
    Steven EnamakelFounder, CryptoControl

    - intuitive interface - discovery platform for new strategies


    - needs more signals - needs more exchanges to be integrated

    their paper trading feature is really interesting; and I discovered a lot of new strategies that I've never heard of. I think the discovery feature is just top notch and exciting. i hope they could take in the orderbook depth to give more accuracy. but really simple and easy to use.

    Steven Enamakel has used this product for one month.
  • Greg De Souza
    Greg De SouzaLoveMakers

    - Algorithmic trading for Crypto made incredibly easy. - Straightforward interface - The best strategy wins and not coding ability


    - I wish this existed in 2015-16 but 2018-19 is not too late - More traders on the platform to create the marketplace

    When I first heard about Mudrex from Rohit, it sounded interesting. When I first seen the interface and tech behind it, I was blown away. This is by far the Gold (or Bitcoin) Standard of Crypto products out there. I have been promoting it to the traders I come across and also to investors as it is a good hedging platform while you accumulate Crypto.

    Greg De Souza has used this product for one year.
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Rohit Goyal
Rohit GoyalMaker@imrgoyal · CEO, Mudrex
Thank you for hunting us Kat. Hello Product Hunt! We are super excited to get hunted here. :) We have built Mudrex(YC W’19) to help anyone automate their crypto trading without having to code and spend a lot of time and money into building an automated trading infrastructure. We had been trading crypto since quite a while and were not able to track trading opportunities across 1000s of currency pairs for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We thought of automating our trades but faced challenges like - access to historical data - building testing framework to test our strategies on historical and live data - maintaining connections and orders on multiple exchanges - not able to quickly iterate trading strategies writing code - having a log of all the trades, strategy changes, backtest, papers to compare things After talking to 100s of traders we found out almost all active traders are facing the same problems so we decided to build Mudrex At Mudrex any trader can quickly - build any kind of trading strategies using 150+ indicators, 50+ candlestick patterns, price action or volume - test their trading strategies on historical and live data to optimise - automate their trading by connecting their order only exchange API keys Key Links: Quick start guide: Community to discuss ideas: Demo video:
If you are into trading do give us a chance or if you know any friends who are into trading, do share this with them and let us both thank you. :)
Viraj Shah
Viraj Shah@viraj_shah2
I really like this. I've tried to create bots that can help me trade but that takes up too much time and I have given up. Mudrex is kick ass since it helps me create these bots in a few minutes! I can concentrate on creating strategies instead of writing code.
edul patel
edul patelMaker@edul_patel1
@viraj_shah2 thanks for your kind words! Its great to have you with us!
Mohit Sorout
Mohit Sorout@mohit_sorout
We use Mudrex for automating trading of active funds
edul patel
edul patelMaker@edul_patel1
@mohit_sorout and we are making money.. :)
Ishan Shrivastava
Ishan Shrivastava@ishan_shrivastava · Cofounder -
It's been a delight to be a part of the Mudrex alpha program. They have come a long way since their first release. I'm a happy user so far and looking forward to what's in the pipeline.
Rohit Goyal
Rohit GoyalMaker@imrgoyal · CEO, Mudrex
@ishan_shrivastava Your feedback helped a lot in shaping it Ishan. A small code editor is coming soon which would let you build custom indicators. :)
Tharan Raj
Tharan Raj@tharan_raj
Nice product
edul patel
edul patelMaker@edul_patel1
@tharan_raj Thanks for your msg! hope you use it!