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October 29th, 2020

The Quickbooks of compliance

Todays' newsletter was crafted by us and sponsored by our friends at Secureframe.

Being enterprise-ready never looked sweeter. 😎Let’s chat about how Secureframe can streamline your SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance in a matter of weeks.

Getting SOC 2 (pronounced 🧦 two) compliant takes roughly 6 - 12 months, followed by regular audits and overhead. Let’s be honest. No one wants to spend hours trying to figure out new compliance standards or have administrative paperwork be a blocker every year.

“In the same way that companies use Quickbooks to prepare their books, Secureframe is hoping to do the same with security standards, starting with SOC 2 and ISO 27001.” - Shrav Mehta, Co-founder

Secureframe automates security awareness training, collecting audit evidence, monitoring cloud infrastructure, and more. They’re backed by Base10 Partners and Gradient Ventures (Google’s AI-focused venture fund), where they’ve recently raised $4.5M.

As your company continues to scale, Secureframe will allow you to spend more time focused on your team and customers, and less time losing sleep over risky behavior.

Here’s what the community thinks of their release:

“Such an annoying process that all businesses selling to the B2B world need to go through. Glad someone is fixing it!” - Nick

“I would have given my left arm for this years ago. Enterprise compliance is such a bottleneck when it comes to closing & implementation.” - Harrison

“Game-changer in enabling startups to sell to established, enterprise businesses.” - Nikil

Are you a well-seasoned compliance pro or just starting your journey?

Get enterprise-ready with Secureframe

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