What products are you thankful for?

Aaron O'Leary
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It's Thanksgiving week and as we all reminisce on what we are thankful for this year I thought it would be fun to include products in the mix. What products are you thankful for?


Aaron O'Leary
I'll start. I'm thankful for Slack to allow remote work to flourish in a pandemic. I'm also thankful for the iPhone 11 allowing me infinite ways to keep in contact with my friends and family that I can't see this year.
Paul Nica
I'm thankful for my computer, which allows me to work, create personal projects and also play the best video games.
Jake Crump
I'm thankful for Headspace . Meditation totally changed my life. Using Headspace on a daily basis has kept me grounded through this wild year and through the changes of having a baby on the way.
Pushpak Mundre
@jakecrump I started doing Yoga & Meditation & It improved my life.
Stowe Boyd
Typora, for work journaling.
Kai Oelfke
For indie making I give credits to RevenueCat, without them dealing with the IAP subscriptions in my iOS app would be a PITA. And for personal use I love Intervals Pro. Just went for a run with it. Zero for fasting, Stoic. for stoicism, Oak for meditating. And as I solve my own problem I am quite happy with https://amicu.app as contact manager app. ;)
Jasmind Thomas
I'm thankful for my Beats3 headphones for my tunes to get through the work day, YouTube for being an excellent learning resource and a new app I discovered called Mercato that does delivery for independent grocery stores. It's saving Thanksgiving because Whole Foods ran out of a lot before my delivery yesterday :(
Jake Tital
Product Hunt, SideHustle by @darbyarollins
Darby Rollins
@jaketital thankful for you hunting us on Product Hunt!
Roxana Motoc
I'm thankful for SaaS BF, a marketplace me & my team just launched. It has taught me great lessons in such a short amount of time. 🙏 https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Vinicius Brasil
I'm thankful for Notion 2.0 that helps me to organize my personal, work and even spiritual life 💙
Syahiruddin Daud
Thankful to @freecodecamp for opening up more possibilities for me. 🚀 😁
Mike Babiy
Notion 2.0 , Figma 2.0 hands down. Can't imagine remote work without these two
Undral Amarsaikhan
I'm thankful for WorldPlus by proving everyone that magazines can be innovative and interactive again.
Rangarajan Nallappa
I am thankful to Zoom. With remote working becoming the new normal, Zoom has kept our team connected.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
I'm thankful for Slack and Hangouts Chat by Google to allow me to work remotely with my team. And I'm thankful for keypup.io which is an exciting and constantly evolving app that opened to me the doors of the tech world.
Maya Ben Zid
Gosh, from where should I start! I'm thankful for Asana to track my tasks, Notion 2.0 because I literally cannot draft anywhere but on this app, my team also keeps all of our resources there. Slack is also the start of everything and last but not least my MacBook hhh
Sanjith Kanagavel
Thankful to my stress buster 'Fortnite' :GGs: p
Deep Dave
I'm thankful for Readup Thanks for changing my reading habits on the internet.