A social platform that incentivizes deep, focused reading

Readup is the best way to find, read, and share articles and stories online. It's powered by a global community of readers who vote with their attention. Articles are ranked by read completion (versus upvotes) and nobody can comment on stuff they haven't read.
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Hi folks! Jeff and I met in pre-school and we've been best friends ever since. We've been working on Readup full-time for almost three years. The company started with a random phone call that ended up lasting several hours. We talked about a huge problem with the web: tons of people comment on articles they haven't read. It leads to shallow, off-topic, and toxic conversations. We wondered if we could design a way to prevent people from commenting on articles they haven't read. We could! And we did! (And we have since filed a patent for our read-tracking technology.) Lots of screen-based activities are addictive and unhealthy (something I've personally struggled with) but deep reading adds a lot of value to your life. It's healthy and enriching, a great use of your time and attention. If you're distracted while you're reading, you can't reap the same benefits. That's why reading on Readup is always 100% distraction and ad-free, to allow for maximum comprehension, critical thinking, emotional immersion, memory formation, creativity... the list goes on and on. We have grown a lot in the last few months and currently the number of Daily Active Users is hovering in the triple digits. We want to push the gas hard and get this thing to the next level (especially while so many people are locked down!) so we're eager to hear your feedback and answer any/all questions. Ask us anything. :) -Bill PS We're hoping to add a couple of co-founders to the team within the next few months.
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Hey everyone! Psyched to be on Product Hunt! Looking forward to your feedback and we'll be hanging around all day to answer any and all questions. Readup was built completely from scratch so I'm especially happy to answer any technical questions. Jeff
Readup makes reading on the internet easier and better. It's been 3 months since I have started reading on Readup and certainly my reading habits on the internet has changed positively.
It's been so great having you on Readup, Deep!
This is exactly the kind of gameification we need now — that both encourages people to read content in its entirety AND is that achievement is used to earn the right to add commentary. I see a lot of people (and yes, I'm guilty of this myself sometimes!) leaving comments in response to a mere headline without having read a piece, and their facile response only reveals their ignorance or bias, rather than adding to the conversation. ReadUp requires that commentators do the work necessary to contribute an informed perspective, and then uses all that activity (reading completion rates and commentary) to highlight the best/most read articles on the daily. A worthwhile effort in these twitchy times!
@chrismessina VERY well said, brotha. And thx again for hunting us! (Obviously that made *all* the difference.) These are, indeed, such "twitchy times."
This was really needed as currently, many digital marketing companies are gaming the system by providing paid reviews for books. This will let the WORDS do all the talking.
@gauravbora yes, digital marketing companies are gaming many systems. and it should be the words that do the talking. but FYI, Readup isn't for books, it's for online articles and stories. Check it out!
@billloundy Sure. Will definitely do and spread the word.