Headspace is on a mission to improve the health and happiness of the world. And with millions of users in more than 190 countries, they are well on our way. Try the new Headspace app.

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Lots of new updates in the New Headspace including: • A brand new design • Super-short minis that can fit into any schedule • A personalized timeline on your profile • The ability to do multiple packs at once without resetting your progress <-- def excited about this one! • More animations to guide you on your Headspace journey
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@chrismessina Going to test this out and check out the updates. 👍
@musolek @chrismessina Looks good but that registered trademark symbol is ugly af #justsayin
Am I the only one who doesn't like the default voice on headspace? Something about that Cockney-ish accent.... Great design though.
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@evankimbrell I actually find the cockney-ish of it all to be soothing.
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@evankimbrell check out Calm if you haven't already. "Andy's" voice just became something more distracting than helpful for me. Also, check out Insight Timer. Calm, Insight Timer, Zazn, UCLA mindfulness center and plenty more offer a lot for free, and minus Andy
@akber4747 you really don't like Andy, huh? 😞
@thecoppinger I'm sure he's a nice guy. I just like a little more enunciation
@evankimbrell My girl refused to use just because of the voice. I personally didn't find it annoying, but considering what a huge part of meditation it is the app should have multiple voices to choose from. GPS apps do it & it's actually more important for an app like this.
Nice work! I've made headspace subscriptions my go to gift for birthdays the past year and now I've got the whole family on board 👍
Wow! Very excited about this one. Been using Headspace for a couple years now and the new updates are just what I needed! 🙌
I used headspace for a while and to its credit i learned to meditate with it but I left for insight timer which is more dharma focused, free and doesn't claim to be able to help with everything that ails you