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#5 Product of the DayJune 27, 2018

RevenueCat makes implementing in-app subscriptions fast and easy. It wraps the SDKs, provides the backend, verifies the purchases and keeps them up-to-date so you can get back to building your app.

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Hello Hunters, While working on Elevate (2014 App of the Year), Miguel and I spent the better part of 2 years fighting with our subscription infrastructure and it distracted us from the core product. We built RevenueCat to solve this problem for all developers. Right now we have a cross-platform SDK to help you get up and running fast and some cool charting similar to ChartMogul or Baremetrics. We plan on making RevenueCat a full platform for managing and monetizing your subscription apps. Hit me with your feedback, questions and FUD! Also, let me know if there is a niche cross-platform mobile framework you wish we supported and we'll add it to the list. Cordova and Ionic are already on our roadmap. P.S. Use the code PRODUCTCAT to get 1 month of our charting plan for free.
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@jeiting I love the idea behind RevenueCat, as soon as you have Cordova available, I will be on board!!
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Jacob at RevenueCat has been super helpful since before I even started using the product when I started reading his blog posts on implementing subscriptions and all the potential gotchas.

Since I signed up he as responded quickly and efficiently to all my emails and the product has worked flawlessly and has been improved continuously.

Thanks to RevenueCat I moved my first app over to subscriptions with a minimum of fuss and can see at a glance on the dashboard exactly how the app is performing in realtime (very nice when delivering new features and trying to move the needle).


Easy to integrate and provides realtime insight into subscriptions for your apps.


None Really.

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The product itself just works. Did I mention already you might find yourself asking "is it just that?"

What is actually exceptional is the support. Well, it's not only support, it's more like care. We have tiny little niche app and had some issues with first Apple review and Jacob did everything he could to explain and validate all the technical issues we could face (including app setup in App Store and code review) and all the responses were almost instant (minus his sleeping time). I hope this won't pile up your inbox with too many questions, Jacob :-)

So, I do recommend the product, but it would have probably 1/4 of value without such a great team behind it.


Integration is so simple that you doubt if it's complete


Integration is too simple – you doubt if it's complete ;-)

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We've used RevenueCat to implement our subscriptions for our Design+Code iOS app and it was a blessing for us. We saved a ton of time, resources and received valuable advice/expertise. The system takes care of all the edge cases, which is so crucial for not losing customers. Building your own in-app purchases feature is super hard to get right, so this is hugely recommended!


Easy to implement, saves a lot of time and resources, good dashboard.



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We're relying on RC's infrastructure to handle the subscriptions in WeatherKit. To me, RevenueCat is an extra layer of security that people can purchase subscriptions, use the app and have a good experience. That layer is invisible and it makes it incredibly easy to use & implement. If you want to build a subscription business - start with RevenueCat.

P.S. From the moment we decided to use RC, to the moment where we were confident that this works perfectly, it took us 4 hours.


Incredibly easy-to-use. Fast implementation.


There are no cons, PH team.

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