Meditation and breathing exercises for geeks

Oak is a community-driven guided meditation and breathing exercise app. Our meditations were built from data gathered in-app as beta testers completed their sessions (or ended them early). This led to hundreds of adjustments in pace, tone, and verbiage. We're geeks: Support for pre/post heart rate tracking (and variability) soon.

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It's been fun watching you build Oak in public on your Facebook Group, @kevinrose. 👍🏼 Would you build your next product this way? While there's no "right way" to build products, we've always been proponents of involving a community in the building process.
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@rrhoover 100%, for most apps, the sooner you can get the community involved the better. We learned so much from the feedback.
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@rrhoover @kevinrose Agreed! We're doing the same with our product. The product has transformed completely because of our users.
Hi all, looking forward to answering any questions you might have. Here are some more details on how Oak is different: https://medium.com/@kevinrose/oa...
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@kevinrose just downloaded. Going to use it for my afternoon meditation.
I’ve been beta testing Oak and it helped me finally create a morning meditation routine (on day 59 in a row!) after previous attempts with other apps failed. Oak is simple, beautiful & effective. It’s split into 3 areas (meditate, breathe and wisdom) and has awesome community stats that show you how many other Oakers? (Kevin we need a name for our community haha) have meditated so far that day. Your Oak tree on the home screen grows as you continue to meditate as well. Overall, it’s been super fun to see this app develop over the past few months and help provide feedback in the FB group. Kevin as talked about how he hasn’t seen a meditation app that continues to evolve with user data and usage, and I hope they continue that approach as time goes on to keep pushing the limits of how great a meditation app can be. Can’t wait for them to introduce TM too! 🙏
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@ianmikutel TM style (mantra) and loving kindness next up! Thanks for your support, Ian!
@ianmikutel I love it for the exact same reasons you described. It makes it super accessible and easy to meditate or just take a moment. I tried all the other apps (Calm, Headspace, etc.) but could never get into a routine, or found their rhythm jarred with my learning curve. This app helped me find a peaceful place inside my busy mind, and see the things that had been stressing me in a different light - all from day one. For that I am very grateful! I particularly like the wisdom section too, and knowing how many people are active. Though I can't see them, it creates a sense of connection. There's something that Oak users have in common but can't quite put my finger on it, but it'd be great to meet more of them.
Always loved the name Oak

Not only is this product amazing, it's free - and I've never seen another app developer open up (and manage!) the process so effectively to a wider community. This needs to be case study material, on so many levels, of how to do things right. Nice job Kevin and team!


Everything - dev process, community, UX, this team absolutely crushed it


Not available yet on Android - but it's in the roadmap!