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Zachary Roseman
“What if I could productize my wife?” Hey PH community! 👋 I started Draftboard because my wife - who is not a recruiter - has gotten dozens of people jobs, and the most she ever received in thanks was a $30 bottle of wine (once). That’s insane. Especially when companies already have an amazing tool - a referral bonus - to incentivize referrals. Except it’s only available to employees. Draftboard changes that. Now companies can make those bonuses public and claimable by anyone. Our scouts (referrers) compete to refer the most talented people they know - and earn thousands of dollars when they succeed. Anyone can be a scout - you, your siblings, your partner, your colleagues - anyone. But every scout earns a rating (“Reputation Score”) based on the quality of their referrals (we have a unique way of tracking candidates’ progress through companies’ recruiting processes). Earn a high score? Refer away to your heart’s content. But end up with a low score? You’re out. Some quick highlights: 🥳Scouts are everyday people - Substackers, recruiters, super-connectors and everyday employees at tech startups like Amazon, Spotify, Deel and TikTok. 🥳We only work with top-tier tech companies - 70 customers including late-stage (SeatGeek, Bilt, Formlabs, Via), mid-stage (OneSignal, Speechify, TheGuarantors) and early-stage startups (Mealco, Basis, Accrue). 🥳Refer in seconds (literally) - copy your unique referral link and share it any way you want - WhatsApp, text, email, Telegram, etc. You’ll get notified as soon as the candidate applies. 🥳Nurture your Reputation Score - you get to approve or reject all applications that come in via your link - make sure to approve only the good ones so your score stays high! 🥳Full transparency - see the bonus amount upfront; track your referral’s progress through the interview process; see the status of your payment; and more 🥳Your referrals actually get reviewed - companies on Draftboard are prioritizing Draftboard referrals and responding to 80% of them; friends don’t let friends apply via job boards (where they never hear anything back). 🥳100% free to use - doesn’t cost a penny for you to make referrals or for companies to list their roles/referral bonuses. 🥳Scan your network to surface great candidates - one-click to scan your LinkedIn connections and match them against jobs listed on Draftboard. Who am I? I’m Zach, and I founded Draftboard just over a year ago. Before that, I spent 9 years at consumer internet conglomerate IAC (e.g. Vimeo, Tinder, Turo, TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc.), ultimately becoming CEO of mobile app portfolio Mosaic Group where I grew the business from $40M to >$200M revenue (was just acquired). Mosaic built & operated apps like RoboKiller (#1 spam call blocking app), iTranslate (#2 translation app), and Clime (#2 weather app). I have a wonderful wife, two beautiful children and the sweetest dog 🙏
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Sasha Zaiats 🇺🇦
👋 Hey Product Hunters! I'm Sasha, COO & co-founder of Milestone. As a UX Designer, crafting intuitive experiences is my jam. But traditional onboarding tools? SKIPfest. (‍ Anyone else skip those "Here's the Dashboard" tooltips?) The struggle is real: a whopping 75% of users churn because of bad or non-existent onboarding. Milestone solves this. We built a no-code gamification platform to make user onboarding engaging and effective. Here's the magic: 🕹️ Interactive tours: Ditch passive clicking! Get users involved with gamified steps. 👥 Super-personalization: Show the right features at the right time with advanced triggers. 💻 No-code builder: Build flows in minutes, no developer needed. 🪄 🎉 Virtual assistants & rewards: Keep users motivated with friendly guidance and fun rewards. We're passionate about building a better onboarding experience. What are your pain points? P.S. We'd love your feedback on the platform! 💚
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