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What is Recall?
Recall summarizes, organizes and connects all the interesting information you come across every day. Whether it's a podcast, blogpost, news article or recipe - Recall makes it easy to store and access it later.

Recall tech stack

We're aware of 8 technologies that Recall is built with. Recall utilizes products like Product Hunt, Crisp in their tech stack

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Recall - Mobile Apps
Recall lets you summarize any online content and save it to your personal knowledge base. With Recall you can summarize the following: ▶️ YouTube videos 📰 Articles 🎙️ Podcasts 📄 PDFs 👩‍🍳 Recipes 🎥 Movie and TV series lists or any other webpages
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The Recall Review
Recall is a tool that helps you review content stored in your knowledge base. It uses a scientifically backed technique known as Spaced Repetition to resurface your saved content at optimal intervals, enhancing your long-term retention of information.
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