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November 23rd, 2020

Marie Kondo of homework

At 14 years old, building task management lists using React and MongoDB might not be top of mind for everyone. But for Tika from England, it seemed like the most logical step to declutter their assignments.

This past weekend, Tika launched Preplar; a homework assignment and task organization app for students. It allows users to keep track of all their homework in one space while adding tags, subjects, and due dates. Unlike Moodle (a popular choice for teachers), Preplar is a homework diary specifically built with students in mind.

For most students, homework does not always spark joy - but Preplar’s simplicity could encourage users to tidy-up their workload to feel less pressure, manage deadlines, and ease anxiety at school.

We love hearing from makers from all backgrounds and ages. Just remember us when you’re famous (we’re joking...kind of). 😜

If you’re still in school or dedicated to a life of academia, here are some other great products that can help you stay on top of your assignments and exams:

Blanker takes your study notes and transforms them into redacted study sheets for you to memorize.

Bibcitation generates automatic citations for papers, books, websites, and journals.

Streamwork is an academic live-streaming platform for students to tutor classmates and friends.

Genei beta generates summaries for any article or research paper using AI.

Onemoreday App is a virtual study coach that helps you manage the time you spend preparing for your exams.

Whiteborb is a mobile-friendly whiteboard that can be used for math to design problems.

The examiners is a machine learning-based quiz and flashcard generator for bioscience and medical students.

Check out Preplar

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