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November 18th, 2020

Gumroad vs. Substack

Gumroad just dropped Gumroad Memberships, allowing creators to set up monthly or yearly subscriptions for their creations.

According to maker Sahil Lavingia, creators have made over $350M selling with Gumroad. 🤯

”The vast majority of these sales have been one-time purchases. Single-product sales are a great model for lots of creators, but many others want to offer their audience the option to pay monthly or yearly for their work. Today, we're thrilled to announce Memberships, to give creators the tools they need to create paid communities, courses, software, newsletters, and more.”
– Sahil

This means that users could say goodbye to other tools like Patreon or Substack, to have all their work on one platform generating MRR and ARR.

This announcement may not come as a surprise to existing users. This feature is an evolution of the previous Subscription tool, as the Gumroad team has been slowly rolling out features for Memberships prior to this launch.

As more makers look to their craft to become self-sufficient, Gumroad Memberships provides an option for creators to sell their work to predict a steady, month-over-month (or yearly) income.

See Gumroad Memberships

Jam Wand allows content creators to click any text on their site, edit it, and submit the change, all without bugging their dev team. 🤯

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