Product Hunt Weekly Digest
July 12th, 2020

Video calls will never be the same

In one of the best product explainer videos we’ve seen in a while, Phil Libin of Evernote fame, introduced his latest project, mmhmm. The name is cool but more importantly: it could be a game changer for video calls and presentations.

Here are some initial reactions from the community:

“That's an impressive innovation in a cluttered field.”- Guillaume

“Congrats on the launch! Love the 'daily show' format. Excited to try this out.” - Paul

“I can think of dozens of use-cases for myself, but I’m really excited to see this used in educational contexts.” - Lucas

Of course, there are many options to host your video calls right now, including Zoom, Slack, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Around, Tandem, Remotion, Brave Together, Pragli, Jamm and even Facebook (among many others). But mmhmm is unique, focused on making presentations more engaging. There will be no Zoom fatigue on your next company all-hands.

How it works: Select a room with a virtual background to set the tone for your meeting. Then project a screen to host your presentation inline, similar to old fashioned news anchors reviewing the weather forecast. The app also supports “Jedi-Ghost mode” (see the video) and on-screen floating.

With so many competing technologies hoping to make our remote work-life more interactive (looking at you, Snap Camera), working from home in our new normal could become more engaging and connected than ever before.
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