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Following Facebook's public release of Workplace a few weeks ago, it seems that team communication is more competitive than its ever been. @corleyh and I were just chatting about this yesterday. It will be interesting to see how Slack moves into enterprise, where MS is so strong.
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@rrhoover Yeah. It is going to be interesting to watch as Slack, FB, and MS go head to head in this space. The piece that MS has that no one else in this group has is relationships with large enterprise accounts; those companies are already using and deploying MS products. Teams can become a feature or essentially one more product listed on an enterprise sales agreement. Buying and deploying Slack is a new product, new partner, new procurement process for these large enterprise customers. Add on to the fact that Microsoft operates subsidiaries in nearly every country in the world - where Slack is just building out their enterprise business. I am excited for the competition - competition is good. Consumers / Users win in that scenario. And I really believe Slack could be the winner - their product is fantastic! I just would not discount Microsoft's ability to do amazing work and ultimately play a role in pushing this space forward. I will definitely be watching this all very, very closely.
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@corleyh @rrhoover I'd also throw in a potential entrance into the game by the Big G, who has done quite well with small and medium businesses with Google Apps (or G Suite as they seem to call it these days). They could be really significant players in this if they so choose to enter the fray.
@corleyh but u are discounting Fb's 😝
@sandrojazzar I am. I think FB may see growth from less developed countries where their digital life is done 100% on the phone and starts with FB. FB is consumer first. I was at MS when the shift was made from a consumer company to an enterprise one...its hard. FB can totally do it, but its not their strength nor is it their primary focus. Whereas the Enterprise is where MS now leads the back. And this is Slack's business. So, yes - I am discounting FB in this space. Just like I discounted Goggle+ when it launched. (Different products, but some underlying logic).
@rrhoover @corleyh I wonder how the paradigm of IRC can work with Entreprise. It's already pretty difficult to make sense of Slack's overload of information. I can't imagine how that works with 500 people but a day spent scrolling the app instead of actually getting stuff done. I'd love to see something really new in the team communication space.
Sucks if you're already logged in for another MS product. No way to view it.
@ryanamurphy I ran into the same issue
@ryanamurphy Looks like something to learn when launching a product. I cannot log in with my account, "You are not authorized to view this resource".
@leonelmore I'm sure it works on their machine though.
Microsoft Teams dubbed as the big Slack competitor The page is only accessible via login credentials right now... looking to launch next week An announcement from MSPowerUser: Exclusive: Microsoft working on Skype Teams, its own Slack competitor (which has since been renamed to Microsoft Teams) Some coverage from The Next Web here: And The Verge:
Part of me feels like I should refuse to support this product. It's such a clear rip-off of slack and furthers the wedge between me and MS. Having said that, its MS they can turn any half baked piece of software into a hundred million dollar business so why not.
@robguilfoyle I think MSFT followed the thought process of Instagram. They could either be SUPER late to market with a clearly inferior product, or base it on what is going well in market and then tune it according to their own IP. Does this make people like what they are doing? No, but if you're stuck using a MSFT stack at work (lets say Slack isn't allowed), this is a highly preferable option.
@robguilfoyle I guess it's like saying General Motors ripped off Ford a hundred years ago... it doesn't feel good at the time to have a competitor to something very unique (like Slack, like the first car, etc.) pop up, but years down the line (or maybe even months), everyone will be better off because of it. Running a small business, I (happily!) pay Slack thousands of dollars a year: if there's an alternative that can save my company and investors money, it behooves me to take advantage of it. Not to mention that while Slack did something amazing (and continues to), they don't own a monopoly on innovation in enterprise messaging; it's not a romantic startup story, but the product managers and engineers at big bad Microsoft have just as much to contribute as a small company does, you just have to believe!
Nice! Wait what? "You are not authorized to view this resource." Oh yeah I forgot... Microsoft 😏