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Google, it's time to stop. Pick one chat/video messenger and make it the best.
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@gabriel__lewis Agree, but I think this is them preparing to kill Hangouts
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@gabriel__lewis I can't wait to see what will eventually happen with all the other applications that they are currently maintaining. They're wasting resources. Instead, they should focus on Allo and Duo and make them the best that they can be.
@gabriel__lewis seriously STOP THE MADNESS!
We use Zoom at Product Hunt and the quality is better than any other service IMO. People traditionally prefer Google Hangouts, because they're easy and familiar, but they were previously capped at 10 people. Meet will allow 30 people. It will be interesting to see if anyone can win this space. SO. MUCH. COMPETITION. More here: Google quietly launches Meet, an enterprise-friendly version of Hangouts by @sarahintampa
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@andrewett and just a few weeks ago, Amazon launched its video conferencing app.
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@jackdweck of course you did
@rrhoover @andrewett Of course. cannot forget Amazon Chime here. Would love to see how both stack against each other.
@andrewett @sarahintampa Zoom is better. When it's actually working....Had a meeting with our team yesterday and no one could start a Zoom session or download the latest executable. #fail
Call me crazy but I have no idea how to use this. I am signed into my enterprise account and I went to the website. What is a meeting code? How do I get one? Do I just make one up?? SO CONFUSED! Also, how the hell do I schedule something?
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@metalhaze agreed, I've got no idea how to use it, if I need to sign up for something, or how I could use it with my customers. Sticking with UberConference
@metalhaze logged in with G Suite I just typed a meeting test and it created a meeting, pretty straightforward. Currently I use Zoom mainly, paying, but I think the only reason I would use this is A: makes screen sharing for Google Chrome (especially on macOS with all the permissions in Catalina) easier for end users B. quick and fast, I was surprised that it loaded up and worked without even a miniscule spike in CPU/GPU or load time. I think the main thing that pushed me from Google video conferences in the past was the inability to allow others to 'control' your screen, and I don't see anywhere to do this with the short test (but I did not test with anyone yet). If someone knows if this exists or a workaround now, let me know!
Gotta love these background splash images... "Look, here's where you'd much rather be... now enter your meeting code".
We've been test-driving Meet as part of the Early Access Program from Google in our company for a few months now, and I can only recommend every Hangouts user to switch immediately. Better user experience and even improved conferencing quality (we were experiencing a lot of connection issues). Annoying sound echo seems to be gone too. Still waiting for a real mobile "Meet by Google" solution though, and still missing a "click to call" a contact feature.
@baptistelaget That's good to hear because the dropped connections and echo issues were a major pain to our virtual team members.