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Remotion puts your team on your desktop so you can see who’s free and jump into quick video chats. Bring your team together with more face-to-face collaboration.
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Thanks Andreas! Hey Product Hunt! [Check out 3-minute demo video] My cofounder Charley and I started working remotely when he moved to Chicago. We’d worked on remote teams before, but we struggled to collaborate as closely as we wanted to: scheduled meetings and text chat couldn’t keep up with the pace of our ideas. Why weren’t we video chatting as ideas came up? Quick video chats weren’t happening because they were awkward or annoying. We didn’t know when the other person was free to chat, and setting up video calls felt heavy and interruptive. So we built Remotion: It puts selfies of your teammates on your desktop, so you can see who’s free and jump in to quick video chats. Details: - The Desktop Shortlist puts your teammates a glance away on your desktop - Availability & Status show you who’s heads down or free to chat. As a remote team we deeply value privacy, so all sharing is easy but manual - Lightweight video chat & screen sharing are a click away and happen within the shortlist to minimize distraction Bonus, much-loved feature: - Selfies are quick to update, so that you can share your smile and create a feeling of presence 😄 We’re opening up our beta early and keeping it free, hoping to help all the teams working remotely now. It’s macOS only for now but Windows and Linux are coming soon. We’d love for you to download Remotion from, and we’re looking forward to your feedback! -Alexander - cofounder (going to sleep now but looking forward to your questions in the morning)
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We absolutely love Remotion here @BugHerd. Since we've all had to go fully remote it's really meant we can maintain those simple conversations we would have had across the desk which is invaluable. It's rare that an app instantly becomes the first app you open when you start your day but this definitely has. Thanks for a great product folks and keep up the good work!
Thank you so much for the support @richard_obrien & @bugherd! Thanks for the great feedback too. Today's update has a resized shortlist I think you'll prefer, and we fixed that bug with the stacked people with a new UI. Please keep the feedback coming!
I really like Remotion, I've told that to my own team a few times. I'm not a huge meetings fan, especially meetings that are scheduled a week in advance and often require little (or no!) input from me, and really aren't a productive use of my time. I'm a pretty big fan of Slack, but less of Slack video calling and Zoom etc. They feel really... 'official' and 'structured' - i.e. they really take over your workspace and it's hard to be involved asynchronously and treat the video as a conversation about a piece of work. Remotion solves both of the above problems for me, I think of it as 'asynchronous video'. It's like if I was working in the office with the team, and someone just stuck their head up from their monitor and asked a question. It's a similar dynamic and works really well for my workflow. Things I like: - The UX is nice and intuitive, without loads of clutter - The way the app sits above everything. This used to be an annoying paradigm, especially in the late 90's, but works really well here. If it's really obtrusive in my workflow, I just minimise it. - If I lock my screen (which I do when I step away from my desk), it automatically sets my status to away. - The concept of 'open' and 'around' is perfect. Things I (hopefully) look forward to: - Being able to change the avatar/video size, I'd like the circles to be smaller in general, but I understand this is a personal preference. - ~ Ordering team members - I talk to 20% of the team 80% of the time~ (EDIT: it appears this is in the newest version!) - Perhaps a Slack integration? Being able to go `/remotion` and have the app focus and call the coworker I was just typing to would be really nice. All in all, cheers for making it easier to work with my coworkers!
Hey @_ojame, and thank you! That's exactly how we think about Remotion as well: enabling quick chats, without scheduling or texting. Appreciate the feedback -> - Glad you saw the update where you can now choose who's in the shortlist - We also made the circles a little smaller in general—resizing is further down the roadmap - Great suggestion re Slack integration. We're planning on it!
We love Remotion @BugHerd Fitted into our workflow day one and has become a key tool for communication. It's been a godsend now we are working full remote. Probably 80% of the conversations I have at work now go through Remotion. It's an excellent product, seamless to get started and they are only beginning. We are very excited to be along for the ride. Not quite sure you need a three minute demo video as it speaks for itself really :)
@bugherd @stephen_neville thanks so much for the support, and glad to be useful! If there's any way we can improve, you know where to reach us :)
For ten years, our team of 12 have mostly worked out of one location, but Coronavirus has seen us suddenly forced into working remotely. We initially struggled to maintain a connection with each other, but once we started using Remotion it felt like being in the office again. Not only is it great for seeing who is and isn't online, but being able to set "open" and "around" makes it clear to the team whether you're up for a chat or whether you're deep in focus. There is much less friction in kicking of a video call, and because the app stays over out of the way, that chat doesn't take you away from your work. The fact that you can quickly and easily add other team members is a huge plus. Finally, the daily selfies are awesome, and our team have really taken to it with a passion. At first glance it's easy to think "how is this any different to using Slack?", but after using it for a couple of weeks, there's nothing quite like it for replicating that feeling of "Hey, got a second?" conversation you have in an office. I can't think of too many apps (other than maybe Slack) that our team have picked up and run with like we have with Remotion. Our team truly love it, and the devs have been super responsive to our feedback and questions! Love love love it!
Thanks @alandownie, working with teams like yours is massive motivation for us to do our work. Appreciate you helping the PH community understand how the app works too! Hope you enjoy today's release to handle your larger team, and looking forward to your feedback as always.