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Slack now has one-to-one and group video calling! Obviously: Video calling also includes the calls emoji response feature, so without having to unmute, you can use a ✋ to ask a question, add a 👍 to show your approval, or 🙇 to thank people for a job well done. These reactions, along with a few others, will display briefly over your video and play a subtle sound. You can also get custom props TBH I've always struggled having a good experience with Google Hangouts We've been using Zoom for a while and that was pretty good - While on Slack already, this could change the game 🙌
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@bentossell The props are simply amazing! That being said, the feature built into an existing platform already in use is going to be huge for gaining marketshare. We've also used Zoom, Skype, and most recently UberConference for when latency is an issue to separate out voice/video. Going to be really nice for internal communications. Would be cool to see an external temporary link for clients.
@bentossell all that we need now is the ability to share screens without using third parties, and everything will be handled through slack!
@daniel_oviedo We love screenhero, hopefully slack will integrate it into their product soon. The acquisition was a while ago now.
Welp, there goes all the other team video chat service. I've been waiting my entire life for this.
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Eager to try this out. We've been long time fans of Zoom.us, great for larger distributed teams. Slack Video Calls makes a ton of sense but it's already easy enough to type "/hangout" in Slack to start a Google Hangout. Other than being built-in to the platform, what additional value does this provide?
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@rrhoover Hangouts = cut out all the time... (for me at least)
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@rrhoover I would assume > reactions!
@rrhoover uhhh Ryan have you seen the custom props? 🤔
@bentossell @rrhoover Agreed, reliability would be a big one for me. Seems like Hangouts never picks up the right audio inputs every time. However, Hangouts will still be the best option when talking with people outside of your team.
@scottbuscemi @rrhoover yeh theres still the outside of your group issue... but I guess Slack aren't looking at that side of things anyway!
RIP Google Hangouts 👻
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Glorious beard.
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@nivo0o0 Thanks, photoshop is the best