Lightweight voice & video collaboration for remote teams

Jamm is a lightweight voice and video collaboration app for remote teams. Enables more spontaneous connections and short bursty conversations within the context of whatever you are working on (screen-sharing, white-boarding, recorded video stories and more).
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👋 Hi All, 🎉🎉🎉 Super excited to share Jamm with the amazing Product Hunt community! Jamm is about making remote work fun & engaging. 🎉🎉🎉 Before building Jamm, we all worked as a part of globally distributed teams and always wanted a collaboration experience that was lightweight, contextual and enabled more spontaneous interactions - as if we were all sitting around a desk jamm’ing on an idea. Existing collaboration tools weren’t cutting it so we asked ourselves - why does this experience still feel broken? What would voice and video collaboration look like for the Twitch/Discord/TikTok generation? Enter Jamm, offering all the lightweight collaboration features you need – voice, video, recording, screen-sharing, white-boarding, shared pointers, and more – all in a single app with a single click. We make it easy to: 🚀 Feel connected with your team without being “always-on”. Loneliness is a real issue with remote work. 📹 Communicate across time zones with video stories or video podcasts 🌻 Quickly huddle, brainstorm, and whiteboard ideas. 🙌 Enable casual hall-way conversations and casual banter. 😎 Discover conversations with enhanced presence. 👩‍💻 Enhance existing workflows like Slack. ☕️ Bond socially and just have fun! We invite you today to sign up, download it, and start jamm’ing with your team. We hope that you enjoy using it! ⚡️Some Fun Facts: - Two of our co-founders met in person for the first time 6 months after we had started working together - We all got to see one of our teammate’s baby daughter first on a Jamm video 👶 Cheers, Badri
@baddn Great tool. Is it an electron app?
@andrew_vijay parts of it and some elements in native code.
@baddn hello,can chinese user use jamm in mainland,China?I'm a teacher in Shanghai ,China.
@new_user_1366b34589 we haven't tested it locally but you can try it out.
@baddn @new_user_1366b34589 Yes please try it and let us know. We would love to get it working in China. If joining a room doesn't work well, try calling one another directly by clicking the video icon on people's avatars in the contact list.
Have been loving using Jamm with my team (especially this week! 😷) - the floating heads is such a great feature and has really helped build that sense of A Team: We log in and just keep it muted until we need to chat, like a virtual office with private rooms for discussions or "Common area" for watercooler chat. Pros: - It all _just works_: video is seamless, starting conversations is instant, sharing screens works great. - Floating heads are fun and really useful at bringing the team together - Recording snippets of conversations is great to keep a decision log - Sharing async videos has been fantastic for keeping everyone updated without interruption - The Jamm team was very responsive when I asked a support question! Cons: - A couple of times I accidentally hung up by clicking the wrong button (my fault!) - Uploading an avatar was tricky (but recording a video avatar is fun!) Fantastic product, with novel and very useful features! ❤️it
@jesstelford thanks and glad you are enjoying jamm with your team! We will def. fix the UX around hanging up :) Great feedback!
@baddn It was mostly me trying out the rest of the UI and accidentally starting a second chat which (rightly) closed the first chat I was in. 100% user error as I explored :)
@jesstelford :) ah got it. Yeah new calls kill existing calls.
@jesstelford Just wanted to point out that in our latest release we made it much easier to change your avatar photo, that's one less con 😀 Thanks for the feedback!
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It's been an exciting 6 month journey working with the folks at Jamm. We are a completely remote team, and we've all been involved in remote work for quite sometime now. We are heavily focused on understanding the needs for people working remotely, out of the office, from home, and a mixture of everything in between. It's been a pleasure to be part of this talented team, and being part of the journey in building the best tools for communication and collaboration! We love feedback, we love finding out how you use our product, and how we can better serve your team's needs. Give it a try, and let us know what works for your team, and what doesn't. We're all in this journey together!
@leahcimic not to mention our crazy timezones! :)
Indeed been such fun witnessing the maker journey from such proximity! As we are all 100% remote workers ourselves, it was very surreal and satiating watching a lot of these features transition from wish list > punch list > launch list > user love list. Excited to see all your reactions!
We've been using this tool for about two months at PressFriendly. The "Jamm Sessions" are perfect for ad hoc conversations when we need to get quick consensus with our remote team.
@joelandren 🙏 and the feedback from you and your team have super useful! Appreciate it.