Virtual office for remote teams with click to talk & avatars

Virtual office: Build your avatar, enhance with facial recognition
One-click conversations: HD audio, video and screen share; use audio channels like #water-cooler and #stand-up
Make remote work fun: Celebrations, trivia, and integrations like Spotify
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18 Reviews4.4/5
Hey ProductHunt! I'm Vivek, a co-founder of Pragli. Doug and I started working on Pragli in late 2018. Our last company had been acquired, and we were working at the acquiring company remotely. We loved remote work, but we had two major issues with it: loneliness and communication friction. Pragli is our answer to these issues, helping teams build closeness and communicate faster. 🙌 Build a virtual office with adorable live avatars ⚡ Jump into conversations with one-click 💎 Crystal-clear audio, video, screen share 🛠️ Spotify, Calendar, Slack integrations 🔗 Support for guests to join a room from the browser We want to be as generous as possible during COVID-19. We've been free in open beta, but frankly, our bills have been getting substantial. As a result, we have raised a pre-seed round of funding. This will enable us to be free until June 1 and then offer a free tier of pricing indefinitely beyond then. As a gift to the Product Hunt community, save the discount code PH10 to get a 10% discount once we introduce pricing. Try Pragli out with your team, and then let us know what you think. We’re here to receive feedback and answer questions. Best, Vivek
@vivek_nair Congrats on the launch, great work!!
@marcelfahle thanks so much Marcel :) We're excited about it for sure
@vivek_nair congrats on the launch!
Awesome idea - will be interesting to see how popular this becomes These low-detail avatars seem like a great way to indicate that you're around, without having to be on camera all day.
@ramykhuffash Thanks Ramy, our users do love their avatars
Although it might be distracting and off-brand for what you're building, you could consider using Facemoji Kit to allow people to create even more detailed/wild avatars, @vivek_nair. 😄 cc @robinraszka
@vivek_nair @robinraszka @rrhoover woah that's a cool project, thanks Ryan! We have a limited facial recognition mode that moves the avatars around and smiles as you do but it's nothing like that. Definitely something for us to take a look at 🧐
@vivek_nair @robinraszka @rrhoover @doug_safreno I like the low detail more, just enough to know you're there and engaged but not enough to get into uncanny valley
We use Pragli daily @hihello and find that it's becoming an invaluable tool for remote work. For personal life, my friends and I are hosting a murder mystery party in Pragli to make the most of COVID-19 quarantining; visiting and chatting in different rooms are essential to solving the mystery. Check out Pragli if you haven't already because you'll certainly love it!
@hihello @andrewsowers Thanks so much Andrew! Glad you're liking it.
I came across Pragli a few months ago and I loved the idea. Full disclosure we are building an end to end platform for remote business operations professionals so a virtual office functionality was one of the ideas we seriously looked into. Pragli is a good way of bringing something like that to life.