Product Hunt Daily Digest
November 14th, 2019

“I always wanted to be a Jedi”

What happened this week on Product Hunt? Here’s a look at the week’s big/small/weird/creative/futuristic product launches, along with a few other things you may have missed. 👇

Big Tech 💻

Yesterday, Apple released a research app that lets Apple Watch and iPhone users participate in three health data studies. The app will track users’ heart health, collect data on headphone usage and track women’s menstrual cycles as they relate to certain health conditions. It’s worth noting that data from only people who own Apple products isn’t representative of society as a whole, but the research app is a step in the right direction.

“Hey, at least Apple is requesting our participation.” - Lydia

Apple’s other announcements this week came with the release of the new MacBook Pro and Apple Music Replay, which is the company’s competitor to Spotify Wrapped. You can relive the music that defined your year here.

Speaking of Spotify, the music streaming service is now a part of Magic Leap. You can now virtually pin your music on the wall with AR.

Predictions 🔮

We’ll all be controlling our computers with hand gestures soon. The Gestoos app lets you connect hand gestures with a command or shortcut installed on your computer, meaning you can interact with your device hands-free.

“I always wanted to be a Jedi” - Keisha

In other news, all of our smartphones will probably become foldable soon (more on that here). The iconic Razr flip phone returned in foldable glory this week.

“I can see myself flipping this open in middle of an all-hands meeting feigning nonchalance” - Abhinav

Productivity ✍️

Basecamp launched a free version of Basecamp, designed with freelancers, students, families, and personal projects in mind.

“I've always struggled finding the balance for personal project management between to-do list tools (urgh) and full-blown team project management tools which tend to be overkill. Going to give this a try.” - Marcus

GitHub has gone mobile. It’s the first version of GitHub for iOS and Android and it’s heavily focused on collaboration with peers on issues and pull requests.

Adalo launched this week and made waves in the no-code world. Given that less than 1% of the world knows how to code, Adalo lets you create mobile and web apps without technical know-how.

“Since founding Adalo, our mission has been to create something simple enough for anyone to use, but powerful enough that you could create some pretty complex functionality, and we think we’ve come pretty close” - Adalo CEO Jeremy Blalock

The Weird and Wacky 😜

MSCHF, the company behind Bull & Moon, M-Journal and Netflix Hangouts, revealed their latest drop on Tuesday. It was a "restaurant" that let you funnel corporate meal perks to political candidates and it already got shut down.

MSCHF is historically secretive about how they build products, but they talked to Product Hunt about their "dopamine and waiting" strategy to growth and why they consider themselves the 'Banksy of the internet. Read the article here.

Some other stuff from this week...

An article on brand strategy in the “death tech” industry. A discussion on selling $1 billion worth of e-commerce products. A podcast on the early days at Facebook and advice on pitching VCs. And a survey — would you join a PH meetup in your city?

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Become a Jedi

Announcement! 🚨We've extended the deadline for submissions to our Makers Festival with Snap. Send in your projects before the deadline on November 18th (Monday) at 11:00 PM PST. 

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