MacBook Pro 16"

The most powerful MacBook with a new keyboard

#3 Product of the DayNovember 13, 2019
A pro for the pros. The new MacBook Pro is the most powerful MacBook ever. It features an immersive 16-inch Retina display, up to an 8-core processor, next-generation graphics, and up to 64GB of memory. Also, it comes with a brand new keyboard.
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It's finally here! New keyboard! 🤩
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Can all of us who bought last edition's MacBook Pros get an external keyboard with just a single escape key? 😆
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@bdn I'm curious. What's the problem with a "soft" Esc key? Your muscle memory should still work -- the key, whether physical or "soft", is still in the top-left corner, no?
@bdn @dysonlu No tactile feedback, so if you use it a lot, you will miss the key a lot. You basically have to take a look to the keyboard now and then to use it, it's frustrating.
@bdn @douglasschmidt Why would you miss it since you rely on your muscle memory? The key is still at the same location. Lots of people type on their smartphone without tactile feedback and many don’t look at the the soft keyboard while typing because they rely on muscle memory. I guess it is for those who do *not* use it a lot, or not often enough to develop that muscle memory.
@bdn @dysonlu I’m not guessing, I’m saying from expecting the problem myself. The key is too far away for muscle memory alone, you will hit it sometimes and miss some others. In this case, tactile feedback helps the user repositioning the hand and finger without looking.
@bdn that could be a cool product idea, to make a huge arcade esc button to sit at the side of the Mac, I would smash the shit out of it!
I almost bought a new laptop this weekend (my daily runner is showing its age). Glad I held off.
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@rrhoover are you as stoked as I am for this new keyboard?
@rrhoover Haha it's funny you say that I actually just bought the 15-inch MBP fully-spec'd out but I'm not regretting it yet. The keyboard still works great and I'm enjoying it... Will probably take the opportunity to upgrade in a couple years time or sooner if this one doesn't cut it anymore – for my wallet's sake I hope that isn't the case though 😂
Launching here Macbook pro product kinda losing the point of what this side was made for (mistake me if I'm wrong)
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@roncothronovich I mean this is a product right?
@roncothronovich it is a product and does have many changes that many of us MacBook Pro users were asking for.
@brendanciccone It's a product for sure. I just think that it's cool when you come here to find the tools you won't find anyway else. You know what I mean? I use Mac aswell. I saw the news about this new product all over. I just don't think it suits this site since it's too main stream. But i'm just a new user here, so I don't have that much a saying here. Just telling you what I think
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@roncothronovich I know what you mean, Product Hunt is definitely the place to find a lot of the next great tools for a variety of things. Sometimes they do come from very large/notable companies though, like today Basecamp added their Personal plan onto here. And then earlier this week Deezer posted about their opened up ML platform for audio separation and Sticker Mule promoted their Trace tool yesterday. While the vast majority of postings are from smaller companies, I think this just happens to occur every now and again.
@roncothronovich agree. We're going to hear about it on every news publication.. let the small startup have their shine
I was looking forward to bezel-less screen and face id. Disappointing...