Watch Netflix at work by making it look like you’re on a conference call
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The benefits of distributed teams: You don't have to use something like this to procrastinate. 😊
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@rrhoover Except when they're on calls, in which case they need an extension that replaces the current speaker with Netflix 😆
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@rrhoover I doubt it would be a good idea to use this in an office setting anyway. If anyone catches on you'll get in trouble.
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@rrhoover haha, that was my first reaction as well (as in shit my team can watch as much netflix as they want , their cat won't say a thing :D )
I really hope you enjoy this project! It was a ton of fun to build.
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This is a terrible idea guys! So terrible it's gooooood!
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@robbyreindeer thank you (i guess)
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Product Hunt never seizes to amaze me.. I wonder how the idea was born ... Some dude probably got caugh watching Netflix..
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@kiril_nikolov1 that is exactly true
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@15greenberg was this developed on company time too? ;)
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@earlco yes it was lol
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All Founders here are like WTF 😂
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@iuditg that is a good response
@iuditg i can't imagine living like that