Do you want to join/host a Product Hunt Meetup in your city?
I'm working on something fun for Product Hunt Meetups around the world in January 2020. If you'd like to host or join a meetup in your city please fill out this survey which only has three questions so I can start connecting you with other makers close by. Here is the survey. Thanks
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I saw your discussion about Paris meetups @simonc please complete the survey - I know quite a few makers in Paris who also want to host meetups there!
@abadesi Awesome, I'll complete the survey. Thanks!
I'm interested in having/participating a PH meetup in Lisbon.
yes yes yes :)
@nikolay_siabrenko great gif choice!
For sure @abadesi. Would love to attend a meetup in Bengaluru. :)
@debgotwired I'm sure it will be fun! Thanks for getting involved.
Yes! Filled in the survey.
Do want, St. Petersburg, Russia
Yeap! Would be great to have it in my city :)
@olga_petrik amazing thank you! Please complete the survey.
I would love to organize one in Cairo.
@zoxta ooh la la that would be very cool, please complete the survey, it will help me coordinate everyone. thanks!
@abadesi I did a few mins ago! I will be organizing a freelancers meetup in a couple of weeks here so I could give the attendees a heads up as well about the PH meetup.
I'm attending and demoing my product at the PH Meetup in Vancouver tonight. These Meetups are a great forum for meeting other Makers and people who love PH and learning from them. Looking forward to it.
Yo that'd be amazing! I'd be down to help with the London meetup (even though you are based out there) if it's during April or later. I'm also down to help in Seattle if it's between January to March
great idea! I'd love to help host one here in Los Angeles
would be an interesting experience!!
Awesome! Filled in the survey for London.
Would love to start one in San Luis Obispo, CA
Make me number 100 to say YES!!!
yeah im down. cool idea