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February 25th, 2019

There's a new wild west in tech: foldable smartphones.

Last week, Samsung officially unveiled its “Galaxy Fold,” after teasing the new technology back in November. The Galaxy Fold folds like a book, with a large screen on the inside protected by an outer cover — which also has a screen on it. And this new tech comes with a hefty price tag: $1,980 to be exact. 😐

Now, not even a week later, the Galaxy Fold is facing some competition. Huawei launched its own foldable smartphone, dubbed the “Mate X” at Mobile World Congress yesterday. The Mate X folds depending on how you hold the phone, using one screen on the outside in three different ways. Compared to the Galaxy Fold, its screen is bigger, it folds flatter and it's thinner overall. But it'll run you $2,600. 😳

Foldable phone hype doesn't stop there! LG also launched its own version of a foldable device yesterday, but it's really just a phone that has a second screen.

We know what you're thinking — is there going to be a foldable iPhone? Maybe. Apple hasn't joined the foldable phone race just yet, but it's been reported that Apple may be working on a foldable iPhone that could launch in 2020. 🔮

If you’re not a fan of this foldable trend and miss Snake, pickup this Nokia classic.

Product News!

Xiaomi launched a beautiful notchless phone that's compatible with 5G. Microsoft's Hololens 2 was announced at Mobile World Congress and it's gorgeous. Venmo announced a limited edition rainbow card. And Circle raised $20M to help more parents limit screen time for their kids.

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