The Blue Donkey

A shell Seamless restaurant to launder your corporate perks

The Blue Donkey is a “restaurant” on Seamless that reroutes big corporate money to upstart presidential candidates. At a high level, employees can use their meal perks - common at large companies - to put money towards political candidates they support.
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The Blue Donkey is a shell restaurant that, like a shell company, launders money... more specifically, launders employees' corporate food perks into presidential campaign donations. Big corporations give their employees perks for meals (whether this is a corporate Seamless account or an expense card for meals). Now, when they order from us on Seamless, they won’t get yet another free meal, but instead, we take that money and donate it to a candidate of their choosing. Ideally a candidate that happens to...oppose the very companies we are siphoning off perks from. We are dropping all kinds of stuff like this over at MSCHF every couple of weeks. If you want to know about the future ones 24 hours before the public (even before the Product Hunt audience) text 917-746-5934.
Funny, but so unethical.
Absolutely love this one
The FAQ is great though :D
Seems necessary. What a time to be alive.