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November 1st, 2018

Drugs in your mailbox 📪
Check Out Hers
Hims — the startup that sells self-care products to men, including hair loss prevention and erectile dysfunction remedies – launched a sister brand yesterday. 👫

The new venture, naturally dubbed Hers, offers birth control, hair products, prescription skin creams and sexual wellness products for women. Andrew, the founder, jumped into the Product Hunt discussion:

"Although most people think access to women's 'wellness' is abundant, when you actually look at the ability for a woman to get REAL medicine online, and on her time, and with her own decision making, it's non existent."

Backed by $97 million in funding, Hers is the latest in a lineup of startups bypassing the doctor's office and drugstores to deliver prescriptions straight to your door. 💊

VC's are hot on this space. Here are a few other startups in this area that have gone on to raise recent rounds:

Nurx helps women get birth control prescriptions without a doctor’s visit ($41M raised)

Roman prescribes erectile dysfunction meds online, and more recently expanded their product line to offer a service to help smokers quit ($91M raised)

Modern Fertility helps women gauge their reproductive help with at-home fertility tests ($7M raised)

Capsule provides an on-demand service for prescriptions ($70M raised)

Curology pairs patients with dermatologists to provide customized skincare treatment ($19M raised)

The global telemedicine market has exploded in recent years, with startups raising over $1.2 billion since 2013. The market is expected to reach nearly $20 billion by 2025, up from only $6 billion in 2016. 😳
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