Erectile dysfunction meds prescribed online and delivered

Roman is for men over 18 who are experiencing erectile dysfunction and prefer to receive treatment from the comfort of their home. Get prescribed online, meds delivered to your door.

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Hey PH! I'm one of the makers of Roman. Happy to answer any questions publicly or privately ( Looking forward to hearing your feedback.
Really excited to be an investor in Roman. There really hasn’t been any kind of trusted brand for men before. This is great example of a beautiful, needed services designed for the digital age
@alexisohanian Thanks so much, Alexis. We're thrilled to have you and the Initialized team involved.
Congrats guys! Really awesome and important to break the stigma with a stellar brand.
@leifthunder Thanks so much! Really appreciate the support.
Way to go! Such beautiful design and fresh messaging for this space.
@mdagabriele Thanks so much! We've really worked hard to establish a voice and brand that helps redefine the stereotypes around masculinity.
The model and health focus reminds me of Nurx, but for a very different audience and problem (of course). The convenience and ability to order something that causes many men anxiety online, makes a ton of sense but why isn't Viagra and others offering this (or are they already)?
@rrhoover great question! Drug manufacturers cannot distribute drugs directly to patients. For medication that requires a prescription, it is always at the medical discretion of a physician. This is to make to sure that a physician is not biased or incentivized to prescribe a specific "brand" of medication. Roman enables patients to voice a preference (different drugs have different durations and time to take effect) but the physicians always have the final call.
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