Use real-time data to set, measure, and meet goals.

Yaguara is the growth management platform for companies moving from a reactive to a proactive strategy. Using real-time data that matters most and ML for smart recommendations, Yaguara ties actionable tasks to high-level company goals, allowing for delivery of timely, predictive insights to teams at the individual level.

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Hey Product Hunt! We are thrilled to be sharing Yaguara with you today. Our goal is to help teams use their data better to set, measure, and meet their growth goals. A little more about us πŸ† I'm Jonathan, one of the founders here at Yaguara. The idea for Yaguara started as a need we had while building our last company -- how can we better create context and purpose for our data so that we can make better decisions faster? πŸ€” We thought building a happy and high performing team took a very special balance of culture, alignment, and proactivity. So we set out to build a tool that focused on empowering teams to do just that. Over the last 18 months we've worked with over 100 amazing companies and learned a lot. Today we are excited to launch Yaguara for e-commerce. We've landed on using OKRs as a framework for empowering even the most nontechnical user to better understand their data, track their performance in real-time, and gain insights so they can make better decisions faster. πŸš€ Please check out Yaguara. We are excited to hear your thoughts and feedback!
@jonathan_smalley Target recently funded e-commerce companies. They will be acquiring more users and would be an ideal fit for you. Also, if you are looking to target e-commerce companies in general, check easyleadz.com
@shreyaa_ratra Thanks Shreyaa, we will look into the tool! How does it compare to LeadIQ?
This looks really really cool... I'll have to dig in some more! Congrats! 🀘🏼
@stuartarsenault thanks so much! Big fans of what you guys are doing at Smile. Would love to connect on building products for ecom.
@jonathan_smalley let's do it! will shoot you an email.
Checked out the website, this seems pretty awesome. How do you guys get the data? Is it with integrations with our tools? Do we build out the integrations?
@atulya_pandey great question! Things work best when tie directly into your current tools. Right now our integration suite focuses around e-commerce platforms, paid marketing, ect. We are constantly rolling out new integrations and are starting to build out our own API so you can tie in data from your own database or data warehouse.

I've been advising the team at Yaguara for over a year now. They are incredibly thoughtful about how they approach building their product and team. Their customer support is first class. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they have up their sleeves in the next year.


Amazing team, awesome product, bright future


Still tweaking things

Loving all the integrations and bringing all the data to one hub to grow the business. With the amount of tools ecomm teams are using to run the business these days, the ability to bring that all into one place is super valuable. Congrats on the launch guys πŸŽ‰ @jonathan_smalley @jdcrabtree
@landonb32 No thank you Landon. Keep bringing the noise over at Userfeed.