Modern Fertility

At-home fertility tests – no clinic required

Modern Fertility brings hormone fertility testing to your house, for a fraction of the price – no clinic required.

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This is such an important product I'm really happy to see it here. There is so much conflicting information in the media about women's reproductive health and fertility it can honestly feel terrifying to grow older as a woman sometimes. Since companies - like ours - include egg freezing as a benefit to women employees, I'd also love to see them offering fertility tests, too! Are you forging corporate partnerships to make this a reality? @carlylayy @aaffttoonn
@abadesi Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment and question! We could not have said it better. We do have a corporate partnership product that allows employers to cover Modern Fertility as a wellness benefit. The process is very simple. We think knowing what is going on inside of our bodies is a great first step and believe employers need to play a role here! Would love to be put in touch with the right person at your org to discuss @abadesi! You can email me directly at
This is soooo cool, and surprised it hasn't been hunted before. Startups that solve problems specifically for women are notoriously underfunded, so I'm excited to see Modern Fertility continue to crush it after going through YC and raising $7M. Fertility problems are a pain, and Afton and Carly putting in the work to solve them. 👏
@nickabouzeid Thanks Nick! Appreciate the kind words and thrilled to be featured on Product Hunt!

I have been testing my fertility since 2015. The information was incredibly helpful for me developing my own timeline. We are excited to increase accessibility to this type of information.


We developed custom physician reviewed reports, tools, "egginars," 1:1 consult w/ IVF nurse to ensure women get their q's answered :)


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