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Accessible healthcare, now in your hands. medical grade products delivered to your door to help solve your biggest skin, hair, and sex concerns.

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Hi product hunt family, we're insanely excited to share Hers today, the more badass, older sister of Hims. At our core, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to get the products they need, without the stigma, without the expensive prices and without the hassle. Healthcare on your time, with the ability to make informed decisions just like every other purchase in your life. With Hims, we've been blown away. Thousands of guys come every day to seek treatment. We pushed to de-stigmatize the issues with humor and comedy because we found that to be the best way to get men to act. With Hers, it's different. Our team at Hims is mainly women. 70%+ of our executive team and managers and directors are women. So early on, it was clear that we had no choice but to launch an equally as awesome platform for women. While many look at the women's market and say it's saturated with companies, the reality is that REAL medicine is still very hard to get for women. We've been insanely disheartened to hear stories from women across the country who have struggled accessing birth control. Maybe their doctor is their family doctor, so they don't feel comfortable asking. Maybe it's because they have an expensive co-pay, or high deductible insurance. We ran a study, and learned 19M women in the US say getting access is impossible for them. That's CRAZY!! Or what about hair loss for women? Not something people talk about that often, but 70% of the women we surveyed said they were concerned about thinning hair. Pregnancy, birth control and many other medications have sever hair loss side effects for women, but until now it was not something a brand has solved for. Hers does. And Skin care? Wowza. There are hundreds and hundreds of products hawking ingredients that are supposed to work. In reality, anything online today or at Sephora or any other beauty brand are over the counter ingredients mixed in different dosages. None of it is real prescription medicine. That's why Hers has 3 medical prescriptions for acne, wrinkles and melasma. These are prescription creams that usually cost hundreds per month and require an expensive cosmetic dermatologist appointment. with Hers, all of this is just $30-40 based on the product you need. Oh, and then there's Sex. To start, did you know that men have 26 options to help get them hard? That's 26 approved drugs by the FDA to help them get and maintain an erection. With Hers, we are offering the one and only FDA approved prescription medicine for women who suffer from low sex-drive. It's called Addyi and you can only get it online from Hers. 26 options for men, now finally 1 for women. To say we are excited is an understatement. We believe the barriers women have faced getting access to amazing health care are real and huge. They take hours off work to get UTI medicine. They pick up drugs monthly at the pharmacies, waiting in lines and convincing docs they need things. With Hers, all of this is gone. The purchase decisions are in their hands, and access to information and doctors who can inform their treatment plans and prescribe with their interests in mind, and ONLY their interests in mind, is now available. We're thrilled, and sharing it with our moms, sister's, wives, aunts, cousins and friends. Help us share to. Thank you! -- Andrew
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Smart move from the Hims team. @andrewdudum was Hers something you always knew you were going to launch - or was it a more recent inspiration?
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@ems_hodge To be totally honest, I wish we could claim it was a genius strategy from day zero, but in reality it was the brain child of our incredible team. The majority of the Hims executive team, and managers are women. Early on (even before we launched Hims) our female executives made it very clear it was a requirement we eventually offered a similar service to women. Although most people think access to women's "wellness" is abundant, when you actually look at the ability for a woman to get REAL medicine online, and on her time, and with her own decision making, it's non existent. We're excited to offer a transparent platform that respects women by giving them the choice and a path to talk with doctors on their time and in their own way. Thanks for asking! -- Andrew
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@andrewdudum thanks for replying Andrew. 🤗 Any immediate plans for global expansion?
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@ems_hodge very much something we're looking at! not in the next few days or anything, but hopefully soon!
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@andrewdudum Cheers Andrew - I'll keep following the journey.

Please beware and do extensive research Particularly for the ”women’s viagra” a dangerous anti depressant with the strictes fda warning.


Excellent marketing


Male owned company providing potentially dangerous prescriptions to Women without highling the dangers and risks of these products.

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Oh nice! @andrewdudum, could you tell us more about Hers? I see you're offering birth control, no insurance needed. How did you manage to set a reasonable price? What was the process in selecting the 10 brands you're offering?
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@syswarren hey Julie! we are offering 10 different generic birth controls. By taking out all of the cost associated with physical doctors offices, waiting rooms, pharmacies etc. we were able to pass all of that savings over to you. So instead of having to pay for a doctors visit, co-pays, high deductible insurance plans etc., you get access to doctors, adjusted treatment plans 24/7 access to talk AND the medicines for a really reasonable price. We picked the birth controls that make up 80%+ of the current market that women use so we could hopefully offer an option to women who can't access it or to those who have trouble paying, picking it up or renewing it! Thanks for asking. -- Andrew
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@andrewdudum The branding around both "Hers" and "Hims" is centered in a gender essentialism that many people in the LGBTQI community find deeply problematic and offensive. What are you doing to address these issues? How do you justify a brand centered around pronouns being linked to body parts in a very direct way? Example: "Hims" selling ED medication, and "Hers" selling birth control
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