MYGA helps you think critically about your choices and how this compounds over time into missed opportunities.

You can track and visualize your weekly activities, while exploring tools to help you progress.

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πŸ™‹Hi again PH! I'm back with project 2, Make Yourself Great Again, which was inspired by project 1. πŸ“… Last time, when I launched nomad(hubb), people seemed to resonate with the project… but they really seemed to resonate with my story of learning to code for the last 9 months and tracking my progress throughout. πŸ•™ So when @marie_dm_ announced that Women Make was doing a 30-day challenge, I set out with a goal to somehow quantify the shift in my mindset that has allowed me to learn/do/make more since February. πŸ”After 8 days of procrastinating, I realized I took a hard look at how I was spending my time and thus, the idea was born. 25 days later, here is MYGA - a digital β€œlook in the mirror”. πŸ“ˆ It's meant to be a personal reflection tool to help you better understand how you spend your time, and thus your life. You can add activities, track your weekly time spend, and explore tools that may help you on your path to "being great". πŸ˜€Let me know what you think! What are your "multipliers"? Mine personally was 1.9, but can honestly say that prior to focusing on coding, it was probably closer to a 5. πŸ™€
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@stephsmith congrats Stephanie!! πŸ‘ This project is really cool and you’ve been really effective by building and launching it in less than 30 days! So congrats for that too 🀩 I think MYGA will help me be more productive and prioritize better.
@stephsmith Amazing job! It's incredible this is only your second product and you have built it in 30 days. Massive congrats! πŸ™Œβœ¨
Thank you @marie_dm_! So happy you organized the challenge. I would've taken ages to finish it if we we didn't have a deadline. Hope MYGA will help you moving forward!
Thank you!! @anthilemoon πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
@stephsmith Amazing! Congrats Steph, this is a useful tool to help with my time management.
Wow can't believe this is just your 2nd project Its a really amazing tool which told me I procrastinate a lot πŸ˜‚ Hats off to you πŸ™Œ
@deadcoder0904 Thanks Akshay!! 😊It's been a fun ride. I'm glad MYGA was helpful!

This tool is such an amazing concept. In the world we live in, it's so easy to let all the hours of your life while away without achieving something that will have a lasting impact on yourself and others. Putting that data in front of yourself with what you can do with just a few small adjustments is a really powerful message.

If you're not trending up, you're trending down.


The ability to track progress over time and the tools section to help make yourself great again are what makes this site great already.


The UI/UX experience has a few improvements possible, that I'm sure will be taken care of in time.

Nice product!! I got 0.8 🀘🀩
@booligoosh Thanks Ethan! That's super good. Congrats on making good life choices 🀘
Great work! I'd be amazing if there was some way for this tool to automatically or semi-automatically collect this data. Collecting the data is really the biggest bottleneck to tracking productivity. When it can be done automatically, it's very effective. iOS 12 Screentime has already reduced my social media usage significantly for example.
@dilan Great point! A few people have brought this up so I guess I should look into whether I can plug into apps like RescueTime. Glad you've been able to spend less time on social - I'm still working on this!