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October 31st, 2018

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Yesterday marked a decade since Satoshi Nakamoto posted the white paper that first introduced the idea of what would become bitcoin, forever changing the way people think about money.

After 10 years, we still don’t know the true identity of Satoshi and his/her/their long-term impact on banking, government, business, etc. 🤔

At its peak in late 2017, bitcoin’s market cap was over $300 billion, quickly approaching the market valuation of the world's most notable technology companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. It's now dropped to a third of what it once was before. 😳

This volatility is another sign that we're early in the days of crypto as makers around the world continue to tinker and build creating decentralized apps (indirectly) inspired by Satoshi. Here are a few to explore:

📷 Pixelfed is a decentralized take on Instagram

🎨 Cryptographics lets you create and own digital art on the blockchain

👀 Blockchain Demo visually explains how the blockchain works for newbies

💰 Crumbs turns spare change into cryptocurrency, similar to Acorns

🎧 Blockchain Curated turns top crypto articles into podcasts

💬 Leeroy is a decentralized Twitter built on Ethereum

🎲 Crypto Takeovers is a prediction-driven game on the blockchain

💸 Blockchain Job is the place for non-technical folks to find jobs in crypto

And of course there's also Cryptokitties, which is one of the most well known consumer dapps, even though fewer than 500 people use it daily.

While many of today's consumer dapps lack the accessibility and features of their centralized counterparts, we're excited to see the space mature. Bitcoin's white paper may have been published a decade ago but we're still early.
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