Never forget to water your plants again.

Potted is an easy, beautiful, and simple plant care and watering reminder app for you and your plants. If you have ever had trouble keeping your plants alive, Potted is here to help.

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6 Reviews5.0/5
I can finally keep my house plants alive! 🌱
@aaronoleary That's the goal! πŸ™Œ
This product is a lifesaver. A plant-life saver.
Man do I need this since I'm thinking about getting a few house plants. Too bad I'm on Android...
@adamteece oh man! I still recommend getting yourself some house plants while you wait!
@adamteece @guttmnn +1 for that android version! I can never remember when I last watered all my plants - would love this!
@adamteece @sunealsuneal not on the road map just yet, but if all goes well I’d definitely consider it!
@guttmnn Well good luck. For now, I guess I just need to continue digging my fingers in the pots' soil πŸ™ˆ
@guttmnn Thanks, I will definitely get some. Just have to be careful what type since we have cats.
Or buy fake plants like me πŸ˜‰
@rrhoover hahaha, but there is something to taking care of a living thing and watching it grow no? I mean, I'm a bit biased, I'm the guy who went and made my own plant watering reminder app πŸ˜…but still!
@rrhoover We already discussed this on a different product page a few months ago. https://www.producthunt.com/post...
@avizuber haha, I know! I'm just building up interest before I launch my fake plant Shopify store.
@avizuber @rrhoover Real or fake plants, when you launch those Shopify stores give Yaguara a try πŸ˜‰
Any plans for an Android version?
@daniel_hollands not at the moment, but definitely a possibility if things go well πŸ˜„