Everything you need to quit smoking, delivered in a kit

Zero is an end-to-end service to fight addiction, starting with helping people quit smoking. It combines the most clinically effective treatments to increase someone’s chances of quitting by almost 4x.

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Proud to see the team from Roman evolve, launching Zero 🚀. Truly using tech for good to help the U.S. quit smoking.
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@alexisohanian Thanks for all of your support, Alexis. We are so excited to build something special with you guys. We are also excited that we found a Zero hat big enough for your head. 😀
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@rob_schutz This was no small feat! Thank you.
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Zero leverages Ro's powerful infrastructure to tackle smoking: the leading cause of preventable death worldwide.


Gamechanger for healthcare. With the Quit Kit people are up to 4x as likely to be able to quit smoking.


Doesn’t ship until early October.

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Smart expansion for Roman, which started serving men with erectile dysfunction.
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@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan. Can't wait for this next chapter.
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Love the branding 👌
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@lehrjulian Appreciate it, Julian!
Hi everyone -- I'm Rob, one of the co-founders here at Ro. Thanks for your support and comments!
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