On-demand pharmacy delivering your prescription to your door

Capsule is a new kind of pharmacy with caring pharmacists who carry prescriptions straight to your door, at the tap of your phone.

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Hey Product Hunt. My name is Geoffroy, I'm the product lead at Capsule, and I want to share with you how we're imagining the pharmacy of the future. We created Capsule because in so many ways, today's pharmacy experience is broken. Long lines, out-of-stock prescriptions, pharmacists who treat you like a number instead of a person—we've all been there. Worse, the pharmacy is disconnected from the rest of the healthcare system, at great cost to people like you and me: it’s difficult for people to access and understand the medication they take; doctors lack critical information about the treatments they prescribe; and pharmacists are often unable to provide the care their patients deserve. The pharmacy is the front line of a great healthcare system, and it can do so much more for us. Capsule sets a new standard for how you interact with your health and your pharmacy. We operate a centralized pharmacy from which we dispatch couriers to hand deliver your medication. It takes less than a minute to transfer your prescription and schedule a delivery through our website or iOS app. Delivery is free, you just pay your regular copay. Best of all, our pharmacists take care of you every step of the way by helping you make sense of your medication, anticipating your need for refills or synced prescriptions, and staying reachable through our app, SMS or phone. We believe that to fundamentally change the pharmacy, you have to rebuild it from top to bottom with intelligent technology and thoughtful design. We're rethinking everything from packaging—like getting rid of those ominous orange pill bottles and providing medication counseling in clear language you can actually make sense of—to the backend software that empowers our pharmacy team to deliver the kind of effective, proactive care you've never received at your retail chain pharmacy. We're launching today in NYC, and you can check us out at and in the Apple App Store. We can't wait to hear what the community thinks. I'll be around all day to answer any questions.
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@gbablon looks super cool!
@gbablon So excited to finally see a good solution for this problem.
Thanks Allison & Andrew!
@gbablon Prior Auths done manually right now or do you guys use Surescripts/CoverMyMeds as an example for third party service? Curious to know what Drug DB you are using as well.. Lexicomp/Medi-Span/Wolters Kluwer? Interested to hear about use cases about a patients past medication history and how Capsule pulls that data up? Love to see services like this hit the market in healthcare. Wish you all the best.
The pharmacy is DEFINITELY one of the bigger pain points that we all just accept as an inconvenience. Dealing with pickups, prescription dropoffs, and insurance checks are on their own tiresome and combined it's even worse. I'm trying to figure out why it's better to have couriers deliver the meds rather than a postal service though? Costly for the business and not sure what the benefit is to get it by hand as the customer. Why not leave it in the mailbox so I can get it at my convenience?
@leftearpod Great question, thanks for asking. We've chosen to hand deliver medication because it allows us to offer a more responsive and flexible service to customers. There are a lot of situations when you need your medication right now and traditional mail just isn't an option. We've also heard from our early customers taking medication on a recurring basis that they appreciate always being control of where and how they receive their Capsule deliveries, while having transparency around where their medication is at all times.
@gbablon this is awesome. Excited to see you guys launch!
I should say, it sounds great! I'm one of those people who prefer buying meds online as it saves money (the prices are usually lower than at the local drug stores) and time for a trip and waiting in queue. In most cases I use the Canadian Pharmacy for this purpose as I haven't faced any issues with it, but your suggestion sounds interesting, so I'll check it for sure. Thanks!