Who will be the breakout companies to watch in 2020? 🚀

Taylor Majewski
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Share your predictions on which startups will be the ones to watch in 2020 and why 🔮


Glide and @sergiomco 's Bondlayer, as well as Elliot
@jesus_vargas Thanks for pointing out Glide! Just served as a guick solution for a timetracking app (schedule) I was lacking an interface for. Took me only a few minutes just now, to spin up a webapp.
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@jesus_vargas @jean_luc_winkler I'm working on an automated time tracking app called Clockk (https://clockk.com) (PH launch in early March). Would love your thoughts!
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@pauldoerwald addition: It is unclear to me what I can do e.g. with a Trello connction from the "Connect Applications"-section (e.g. add a line that tells the user the benefit of connecting each app.). I would love to try it out and see by myself but I get in internal server error after getting redirected from Trello's Auth-page. :-(
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@pauldoerwald @jean_luc_winkler Clockk Dev here! Try again :)
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@plutio_app - plutio.com - the all in one tool for freelancers and digital nomads.
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@plutio_app @leobassam Your website isn't loading and your PH profile is bare. My product Clockk also targets freelancers. Opportunity for collaboration? Oh, it just loaded. Took about a minute!
@plutio_app @leobassam Nice and clean website.
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@plutio_app @matiast thank you so much! :D
Send With SES . I might be biased. Its like, Mailchimp, Twilio, Airship, Customer.io rolled in one.
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Insert shameless self-promotion here. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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@matsabrahamsen Haha so true
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@matsabrahamsen @coolphabets Now it's not shameless :)
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LifeViewer app gonna rock, check it out LifeViewer
love creating things
I love the idea of this one wayray.com, they make holographic AR displays. Hope they will release something real in 2020 :)
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I'd mention two companies. One - that I'm totally biased towards - Channels (https://www.producthunt.com/upco...). As we're creating a new way to have customer support phone calls that your customers will *actually* enjoy. Second - would be the general No Code notion that took off the last year. Here, some of the solutions that will break out are Makerpad and Glide. Cheers!
I came across few app that have potential to break out in near future, I rate LOKI high in that list.
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My prediction is biased, but whatever 😁 I hope that my little baby (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) will progress like last year. Our goal is to build platform for side projects and help owners build community around their products.
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QPage.one and Foredge.ai are trying hard to be on the list... We have 11 months full of fruitful challenges...
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@stickermule, Monthly, and Focusmate Three purple cows. Sticker Mule is crushing marketing and somehow made ordering stickers cool, easy, and fun. Monthly is probably the best consumer product I've seen in a while. Providing life-altering month-long experiences at a no-brainer price point. They are also doing design right. Focusmate is the least polished of these products but is providing a much-needed service that is changing the lives of a huge amount of people. It will be interesting to see where this goes.
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cashcoach.io because that will be the only finance app you want to open on a Saturday night
I am waiting for this gadget to appear https://dokin.store/ on indiegogo or kickstarter.
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I second @glideapps (built my first mobile app in a few hours), and I'd add @sunsamahq as my sleeper pick for tool that gets big this yera
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byte for sure
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The same with #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency watch 2020!
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Read2Me, because we're listening more and more, and reading less and less
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LOKI- a fun way to share with friends and family. Make your own life movie!