Who will be the breakout companies to watch in 2020? 🚀

Taylor Majewski
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Share your predictions on which startups will be the ones to watch in 2020 and why 🔮


Jesus Vargas
Glide and @sergiomco 's Bondlayer, as well as Elliot
Jean-Luc Winkler
@jesus_vargas Thanks for pointing out Glide! Just served as a guick solution for a timetracking app (schedule) I was lacking an interface for. Took me only a few minutes just now, to spin up a webapp.
Paul Doerwald
@jesus_vargas @jean_luc_winkler I'm working on an automated time tracking app called Clockk (https://clockk.com) (PH launch in early March). Would love your thoughts!
Jean-Luc Winkler
@pauldoerwald addition: It is unclear to me what I can do e.g. with a Trello connction from the "Connect Applications"-section (e.g. add a line that tells the user the benefit of connecting each app.). I would love to try it out and see by myself but I get in internal server error after getting redirected from Trello's Auth-page. :-(
Jean-Luc Winkler
@pauldoerwald @eric_froese that was fast - sweet! I have triggered the new password prompt already myself when registering. But it is nice to see, you guys are active here and implement these little details so quickly.
Leo Bassam
@plutio_app - plutio.com - the all in one tool for freelancers and digital nomads.
Paul Doerwald
@plutio_app @leobassam Your website isn't loading and your PH profile is bare. My product Clockk also targets freelancers. Opportunity for collaboration? Oh, it just loaded. Took about a minute!
Send With SES . I might be biased. Its like, Mailchimp, Twilio, Airship, Customer.io rolled in one.
Mats Hartvig Abrahamsen
Insert shameless self-promotion here. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Victor Khodalov
LifeViewer app gonna rock, check it out LifeViewer
Konstantin Durnev
I love the idea of this one wayray.com, they make holographic AR displays. Hope they will release something real in 2020 :)
Jakub Kliszczak
I'd mention two companies. One - that I'm totally biased towards - Channels (https://www.producthunt.com/upco...). As we're creating a new way to have customer support phone calls that your customers will *actually* enjoy. Second - would be the general No Code notion that took off the last year. Here, some of the solutions that will break out are Makerpad and Glide. Cheers!
Pawan Vindru
I came across few app that have potential to break out in near future, I rate LOKI high in that list.
Piotr Bartoszek
My prediction is biased, but whatever 😁 I hope that my little baby (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) will progress like last year. Our goal is to build platform for side projects and help owners build community around their products.
Pouya Lotfi
QPage.one and Foredge.ai are trying hard to be on the list... We have 11 months full of fruitful challenges...
Yitzi G
@stickermule, Monthly, and Focusmate Three purple cows. Sticker Mule is crushing marketing and somehow made ordering stickers cool, easy, and fun. Monthly is probably the best consumer product I've seen in a while. Providing life-altering month-long experiences at a no-brainer price point. They are also doing design right. Focusmate is the least polished of these products but is providing a much-needed service that is changing the lives of a huge amount of people. It will be interesting to see where this goes.
Sam Abrika
cashcoach.io because that will be the only finance app you want to open on a Saturday night
Dmitry Potashko
I am waiting for this gadget to appear https://dokin.store/ on indiegogo or kickstarter.
Mathieu Guerville
I second @glideapps (built my first mobile app in a few hours), and I'd add @sunsamahq as my sleeper pick for tool that gets big this yera
K-Crypto Whisperer
The same with #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency watch 2020!
Read2Me, because we're listening more and more, and reading less and less
Kathy Hazen
LOKI- a fun way to share with friends and family. Make your own life movie!