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Home for digital products crafted with passion to design

Owwly is curated gallery with the newest digital products crafted with passion to design. Place for designers and creatives interested in new cool digital tools and trends.

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Great UI and inspirational tools. Well done!
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@mert_aktas thank you so much! Any ideas what could we add to the website to make it more functional?
Hello community! I am Piotr, any designers or creative people here? ;) Today we want to introduce, together with my friend Adrian, our product - Owwly. Owwly gathering the best digital products crafted with passion to design. Our goal is to promote interesting tools for creatives and help them thrive. Creating side project with only 2 people on board (designer + dev) it’s not easy, but our vision is clear. Roadmap full of ideas and plans. We will be so pleased to hear some feedback, things/features which you would like to see. Help us flourish :) 🦉 #HooHoo
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Super cool!
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@helloromero thank you so much @helloromero ! 🤜
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Nice to see an update! Just nitpicking here but I find that the thumbnail blends to easily with the white background of the description box. 😊
@siebe thanks, I hope that refreshed site is step in the right direction ;) regarding thumbnail - everything under control ;p
Great tool mate!
@widawskij thanks, and this is just the beginning. Stay tuned! :)