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Instantly convert articles from your favorite websites or uploaded files into audio which you can listen to while you're driving, walking or chillin' like a boss.



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Mark Tolmacs@mtolmacs · Offering Manager, IBM
I was looking for something similar where you can share articles from the browser with an iOS app, and the processed article gets published on a podcast server where my podcast app can import it automatically. Do you plan to support this @ninoskopac ?
NinoMaker@ninoskopac · Web developer
@mtolmacs That's an interesting idea. But why not just use the site that I made? You find something you'd wanna read/listen to, go to my site, convert it, and listen to it?
Mark Tolmacs@mtolmacs · Offering Manager, IBM
@ninoskopac Not really convenient way of doing this. I usually collect a bunch of articles whenever I have 2-3 free minutes to read later. Now I could just copy and paste the urls to a notebook or bookmark them, and when I want to listen to the audio playback I again copy & paste into your webpage. Don't know what the highway patrol will say when I try to copy & paste the next article on my phone into your webpage while driving at 130 km/h :)
Neal Shyam@nealrs · Full Stack Weirdo
@ninoskopac @mtolmacs Not exactly what you're looking for -- but I wrote a plugin for Jekyll bloggers that turns their latest posts into an Alexa Flash Briefing: Also, @SpokenLayer turns publications into "spoken editions" you can listen to on multiple platforms using pro voice talent. It's pretty neat. and if you're in the pocket universe & use Alexa, you might like this Skill:
NinoMaker@ninoskopac · Web developer
@mtolmacs fair enough man. How about being able to paste multiple URLs separated by a new line into the site, and then they get autoplayed one after another?
Mark Tolmacs@mtolmacs · Offering Manager, IBM
@ninoskopac Haha, sure. I just wanted to give you feedback in a form of a personal use case and see if it useful to you. Maybe you want to take this in a different direction and that's just perfectly fine. Hope it helps nonetheless :)
Dan Robertson@robbodanielson · Co-Founder, Fishbole
Nice job - I just powered through a few Facebook saved links I'd been meaning to read. 😎
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great stuff! Kudos can this be shared on the social media channel or is there any plugins for Wordpress
NinoMaker@ninoskopac · Web developer
@ayush_chandra thank you good sir. not yet, but a plug and play widget is on the short-term roadmap.
The synthetic voice is great. I actually kept listening :)
NinoMaker@ninoskopac · Web developer
@adrien I'm really happy to hear that Adrien. Have you tried daily curated articles? They're my favorite.
Tayler@tayler2412 · Builder, Designer,
Hi Nino, I am interested in using this for upcoming DACA ( - launching soon) - how can I download the conversion or the mp4 so that I can put this on my website, apple podcast, ect?)
NinoMaker@ninoskopac · Web developer
@tayler2412 If you mean manually, like this: IN CHROME Go to my site, open the developer panel (option command J on Mac), paste the URL, convert it and get MP3 from Media tab in dev tools: If you need this to be an API call or a plug and play widget that you put in your page and it does everything automatically, drop me a line at so we can talk in detail. I don't have this functionality yet, but could have it up and running quickly.
Ambrose Leung@efficienthacks · Solving 1st world problems
@tayler2412 I'm coming in here a bit late - my service provides a download link to the converted audios, see if that helps you out.