What do you think of Twitter's new ephemeral tweets ("fleets") feature?

Taylor Majewski
7 replies
More details on fleets: https://www.theverge.com/2020/3/...


Aaron O'Leary
I like the idea, hoping it sticks but I do not like the name
Sheran Corera
It sucks, sounds like yet another copy.
Mark Espinola
Folks are mean enough on Twitter as it is. I'm thinking this will make things worse.
Michael Kawula
It's great to see Twitter testing and innovating. Though I don't see myself using it much, I do know my 3 teens have said they would and I feel it will help with them attracting today's younger generation. I feel long-term it's a great strategy for them to increase MAU's. Time will tell. As for the name...who cares, everyone will probably still call it stories ;)
Jorge Jiménez
The idea it's amazing. The name it's a disaster. This is like trying to re invent the wheel. Terrible marketing decision.
Toni Cowan-Brown
With today's cancelled culture we are seeing an increasing number of people 'tweeting and deleting' - mostly out of fear and freedom to express 'fleeting' thoughts. So this new feature makes a lot of sense. With that said I hope this doesn't increase the number of aggressions, disinformation and abuse that we are already seeing.
Steve Elon
This sounds interesting but why "fleets"?