What smart initiatives have you seen from tech companies in response to COVID-19?

Taylor Majewski
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Hi Makers! Let's gather inspiration from tech companies who are launching projects that help those in need right now.


We are offering our product for free for 50 days for teams with less than 50 users: https://leadassign.com/help-for-...
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MasterClass for iOS is offering all existing users a free pass to share with anyone through March 30th.
Many libraries in the US giving out free eCards for 60 days. Sacramento Library allows people to borrow 60 eBooks at a time. https://www.saclibrary.org/About...
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Some organizations like Gitcoin has started the initiative, including $50k for public health - https://gitcoin.co/blog/gitcoin-... Also, there's a hackathon dedicated to help combat issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic - https://hackquarantine.com/
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Created by ByteDance is allowing people to use their product for free. Working from home with your pets this week? Get Lark for free at https://t.co/Fv0lqMFgyq. We know you'll like it. Your dog might, too. 😉 #Lark #remoteworking #workfromhome #collaboration https://t.co/DDE1KEOnRS
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We're offering free Production plan to app related to the COVID-19 response at Bubble. More than 20 applications are now being live. https://twitter.com/Bubble_Group...
$10 million dollar support kit for photographers and creatives offered by Shoot & Share here -> https://www.shootandshare.com/po...
@david_jay this is amazing. Thank you!
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@david_jay Huge in a time where rescheduling or even cancellations are taking a big toll on cash.
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We at AgentRisk have made our portfolio management software available for free and have heavily discounted our 1-on-1 portfolio consultation service. More about this on our blog: https://blog.agentrisk.com/how-a...
For teachers, Atlassian has made Trello Business Class free for 1 year to help plan coursework, collaborate with colleagues, and keep virtual classrooms organized: https://trello.com/education There's also a new "Remote Hub" that shares helpful products + practices as teams transition to remote life: https://www.atlassian.com/remote
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GiveFit has made all senior workout videos free! givefit.org
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My company created a free training portal that’s focused on working remote and home office hygiene! Check it at http://remote-readiness.litmos.com
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To do our part, Enlizt, is offering our recruitment software free of charge to help organizations scale their efforts to hire professionals and volunteers who wish to help. Our 100% online platform’s strengths are aligned to combat the key challenges of this crisis, from team collaboration and interviews to a scalable process able to help your organization meet the demands of this troublesome hour. Let us help you get set up for free and we’ll fight this virus together! If you’re interested or have any questions please get in touch and help spread the word! www.enlizt.com
@camillazerlotti that's an awesome idea! Hope it helps get some people in the fight!
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@robby_burns Thanks! I appreciate the support!
@camillazerlotti this is super cool. I imagine this will provide a substantial benefit to the many that have been affected.
Support small local businesses @ Buzz
In response to COVID-19, https://www.producthunt.com/post... connects patrons with their favorite local businesses and artists so they can get through this difficult patch together.
Digital Marketing Manager at intelliHR
We Have created a FREE version of our HR platform. intelliHR COVID-19 Essentials HR Platform helps: • Businesses with the transition to working from home safely and effectively • To make checking in with your staff easy and help keep them in touch with their team leaders on everything important •To make reporting safety, health and wellbeing concerns easy for staff  • Leaders to quickly visualise the pulse of the entire business instantly https://go.intellihr.co/covid-19
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Helping startups win. @Appintheair @Uber
At App in the Air, we're making all premium features available to everyone until April 30th - our users are finding this super helpful. We also created a support page to for users navigating different airline policies: https://appintheair.freshdesk.co...
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There is an awesome google doc that lists Covid-19 initiatives by corporations: https://bit.ly/covid-good
We are no tech giant but we (YSplit) launched an open source app called 'Lava Manus' in a Corona focused Hackathon the other week so you can track how many times you have washed your hands in a day. It is gamified, so you can see which countries and cities are washing hands the least and most. It is bare bones but it is open source so if any devs want to submit a PR please do!!! We have many feature ideas we have added to issues to get started. App link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/la... And here is the repo: https://github.com/boatengyeboah... Features yet to build: - Reminder to wash hands - Venmo like public feed of people around the world washing hands
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Project and Tasks Management Platform, for team work. Is free: https://pm-tel.com/
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I am working on coronapositivenews.com Everything seems so negative. We all need positive information.