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Denis Anisimov
Denis AnisimovCTO @ Introwise

How would you pitch a tech product to your grandmother?

Please pick a product and pitch it to your grandmother (yes, yours! the context matters). I'm looking for good ways of explaining products simply. P.S. love you, grandma 😘
22 recommended
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    A tool on the internet that you can use to keep track of your tasks and share your work with people.
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    Dailybot for Slack

    Product management bot for daily stand-up meetings on Slack

    You know grandma how you have to wake up every morning and write those refrigerator notes of tasks that need to be completed... and you put it on the refrigerator so everyone can see... this tool is like that refrigerator for us at work.. we write notes and provide updates on our tasks... and instead of sticking it onto the refrigerator, we put it up on this "wall"....
  3. 37

    Accept multiple cryptocurrencies with just 5 lines of code

    Sven van der Zee
    Sven van der ZeeCo-founder Orderli Β· Written
    Sven van der Zee made this product
    A tool to easily accept online currencies aka cryptocurrencies on your website.
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  4. 12
    Airbnb Official API

    Develop your application for millions of travelers & hosts

    AshleyCommunications, VR tech Β· Written
    Hey grandma! Do you remember those distant relatives who used to come over for a few days and ended up staying for a month? Well, at last you can set a fair price for hosting them!
  5. 5
    TablePlus for Windows

    A native GUI tool for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server & more

    Tung Thanh
    Tung ThanhVietpiczzle Β· Written
    Grandma, sometimes you cannot remember things, so just write everything down in a notebook, keep it safe. Then call your assistant TablePlus to read the book for you, and rewrite it if you want. Well, actually, TablePlus is an app and it works on computer only.
  6. 4

    Automatic habit & goal tracker

    Alan Ng.
    Alan Ng.Marketing Specialist at Unstatic Β· Written
    Alan Ng. made this product
    Grandma! Remember when you used to remind me to brush my teeth every day before going to bed? This thing on my phone can do that for you now!
    Dannie Nguyen
    Dannie NguyenJunior Marketing Executive Β· Written
    "Have I eaten my breakfast?", grandma you don't have to ask this question no more cuz I have download this app for to track you daily acitivity!
  7. 3
    Intellyo Creator Engine
    Fruzsi Peti
    Fruzsi PetiOnline Marketer @Intellyo Β· Written
    Fruzsi Peti made this product
    write amazing articles about knitting together with other grandparents on the internet
  8. 2
    FollowUp Personal CRM

    The personal CRM for Gmail

    Remind yourself of who to follow up with and why, without having to use a fancy expensive piece of software for sales people.
  9. 2
    Miracle Mobile Forms
    Tamjid Aijazi
    Tamjid AijaziChief Technology Officer of MiracleTek Β· Written
    "Grandma, rather than waiting for my Skype call, I can submit daily activity reports. I can check which items mom cooked for us, send pictures of my room to prove I cleaned it, and share any information you wish to know about my day-to-day activities. I can even report things about mom if you want, for the small fee of freshly baked cookies ;-)"
  10. 2
    Tinder Smart Profiles

    Use your job and education to snag a date

    Florian Egermann
    Florian Egermannartist, activist, astronaut. Β· Written
    A dating service that would have prevented you from settling for my granddad.
  11. 2

    The coding app for beginners by Google

    FerminRPGrowth Hacker Β· Written
    A whiteboard you can carry around and use everywhere, on your phone, tablet or pc and you never loose anything. No matter where you access it from all your drawings, doodles, post it notes are there for you.
  12. 2
    Slice Capital

    Invest alongside top Angels and VC’s for $100

    Rohan Shah
    Rohan ShahCo-Founder & CEO @SliceCapital Β· Written
    Rohan Shah made this product
    We make it possible for anyone to invest in startups, not just rich people.
  13. 1

    World's best platform for workout logging and workout plans

    I like it!
  14. 1

    A desktop app that finds you perfectly matching subtitles.

    Sanjevi Rau
    Sanjevi RauFounder of Day Night Β· Written
    Sanjevi Rau made this product
    Grandmaa, you don't have to worry about watching non English films anymore. This tool finds you an English subtitle for the films automatically.
  15. 1

    Automated standups for Slack and task trackers

    xana orlenko
    xana orlenkoMarket Research Adviser, based in UA Β· Written
    Here, you do not have to squint to read or write in your phone, we can always use this the new cool audio chat - just click to add it to any chat, with anybody. See, they made it )
  16. 1
    Auto Caption
    Akash Nidhi
    Akash NidhiCo Founder at Vitra.ai & Translate.video Β· Edited
    Akash Nidhi made this product
    Hi Avva (Gradma in my language) , you were asking me that day, why do so many people take so many photos from their phone and what do they do with it. There is this app called Instagram, where people love to post their pics along with captions. People love the feeling of getting likes and comments on their pics, feeling appreciation for you pic feels great right? What do you do when i tell you , grandma your pic is awesome :) i know you gonna *blush* *blush*, same feel people get in this app. Grandma, you want to post it on Instagram now?? I knew you would say yes, come on granny stop blushing now, tell me one nice caption for your picture? (Silence for few seconds, then granny face becomes sad) Oh! Granny don't feel sad we have Auto Captions app, you can upload your image and they will suggest the hashtags and awesome captions, we can just copy them and post it in instagram :) see its super simple, no need to scratch head and feel sad :) Come on, now can i see twinkling smile of yours :) Yasss, there it is. Wait let me take one more pic of yours now :D Product Page : https://www.producthunt.com/post...
  17. 1
    Fitbit App (new release)

    Now with better run tracking, mapping, and logging

    sreeram v
    sreeram vProduct enthusiast Β· Written
    Grandma,it motivates you to be on your feet and monitors the fitness parameters.
  18. 1
    LeakVM for Android
    Luis Fernando Obando Velez made this product
    A tool to discover insecure infrastructure for mobile devices to improving your security.
  19. 1
    Gary Fung
    Gary FungFounder of isoHunt & WonderSwipe Β· Written
    Gary Fung made this product
    Hey grandma. You know you love to swipe through your photos? Now you can do web search that's as easy as that!
  20. 1
    Cards by JotForm

    The friendly way to ask

    EcemDirector of Product Design @JotForm Β· Written
    It is an online form builder. We've used that kind of assumptions while redesigning JotForm. We've got rid of all the unnecessary UI elements and it creates a significant difference in our UX and users' flow. We are the easiest online form builder :)