jjjjared.Founder of StreamWork, Student

What's a product you use to organize parties/events?

As a college student, I'm looking out for apps/sites that are helpful when I'm planning parties and events.
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    Events, from Facebook

    Find things to do near you

    As a college student myself, I plan private events with friends through Facebook Events. Why because usually everyone has a Facebook, and it helps knowing who is coming or not. Plus posting on the event page allows for updates to be easily shared. It also tells you who has seen the invite. Those who don't I usually just message via text since its usually a small amount. Have you used Events before?
  2. 29
    Meetup for iOS and Android

    Discover groups that are all about the things you love

    Sandipan BanerjeeTech Ambassador, WMF · Written
    Pro: Easy UI, Free for small meetup, API works great Con: Best features are behind the paywall.
  3. 22

    Every party starts with friends. The better FB events app.

    Emin Henri MahrtEntrepreneur, Publisher · Written
    Emin Henri Mahrt made this product
    Much better than the Facebook events app
  4. Its the best tool for organising parties and events, all in one tool. They have just launched some really cool features with it. Must give it a try
  5. jjjjared.Founder of StreamWork, Student · Written
    I found Let's Do A Thing, an event making app between friends!
  6. Priscilla BurchFounder/CEO - Fun Club · Written
    This social app is LIT, DOPE, COOL, HIP, FUN and specifically tailored for events, parties and concerts! I don't want to spoil all the cool details and fun. Stay tuned!!!!
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    Facebook Local

    Discover places to go and events happening near you

    MaheShresthaGadgetFreak | Engineer | Not an ALIEN · Written
    Go-to event app for me and someone who wants things organized for free!
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    iPhone 6S

    The only thing that’s changed is everything

    Steven J. SelcukFilmmaker & UI Desing and Illustration · Written
    Cuz why not?