Jared Hsu ✏️
Jared Hsu ✏️Co-Founder of StreamWork

What's a product you use to organize parties/events?

As a college student, I'm looking out for apps/sites that are helpful when I'm planning parties and events.
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    Events, from Facebook

    Find things to do near you

    José Luis Fausto
    José Luis FaustoPromoting business awareness 👨🏽‍💻 · Written
    As a college student myself, I plan private events with friends through Facebook Events. Why because usually everyone has a Facebook, and it helps knowing who is coming or not. Plus posting on the event page allows for updates to be easily shared. It also tells you who has seen the invite. Those who don't I usually just message via text since its usually a small amount. Have you used Events before?
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    As a professional i plan a official party with office employees through Facebook Events. Because Facebook is best social media platform used by everyone.
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    Meetup for iOS and Android

    Discover groups that are all about the things you love

    👌Sandipan Banerjee
    👌Sandipan BanerjeeTech Ambassador, WIKITECH · Written
    Pro: Easy UI, Free for small meetup, API works great Con: Best features are behind the paywall.
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Zenkit is a flexible project management tool for many different purposes (including organizing parties/events). Great for personal use, or for complex projects. Zenkit scales with the size of your projects.
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    Every party starts with friends. The better FB events app.

    Emin Henri Mahrt
    Emin Henri MahrtEntrepreneur, Publisher · Written
    Emin Henri Mahrt made this product
    Much better than the Facebook events app
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    AI powered dashboard with automatic insights from your team

    Hannah White
    Hannah WhiteMarketing Manager · Written
    Tonkean is a great tool for this! This is how I would suggest setting up your workflow - 1. Add a new List to Tonkean titled '2018 Fall Event' 2. Create Tracks within the list like Attendees, Press, Music, Catering, Decor, etc. 3. Important relevant data (i.e. budgets from an Excel spreadsheet, RSVPs from an event app, etc.) 4. Assign an owner and a due date to each track (Braxton > Attendees > Due September 20) 5. Watch the magic happen Tonkean will monitor the dates, metrics and feedback from your team and have a ready-to-go dashboard for you at all times. Say there was a spike in people who could not attend your event, which was being tracked through that event app mentioned above. Tonkean's AI-powered chatbot would reach out to Braxton and see what the problem is. Then, the bot would publish his input to your dashboard on the 'Attendees' track and update it accordingly (the due date, metrics, whatever is applicable - it's smart enough to know!). As the person managing the event, you have no longer have to chase people down or sit in tiresome meetings to get status updates. It's all ready for you in your dashboard. The bot is even smart enough to know when your team is most likely to respond and provide input.
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    Facebook Local

    Discover places to go and events happening near you

    Mahesh Shrestha
    Mahesh ShresthaHunt down the products I use | Engineer · Written
    Go-to event app for me and someone who wants things organized for free!
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    Abhimanyu Kapoor
    Abhimanyu KapoorDesigner and builder · Written
    Its the best tool for organising parties and events, all in one tool. They have just launched some really cool features with it. Must give it a try
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    Eventbrite 8.0

    Local events & things to do

    As a startup owner, I constantly attend events and meetings. Eventbrite is a great website to organize or attend events based on my interest. Cons: Would have liked a better navigation based on interests
    Compare Bear
    Compare BearAny day is a good day · Written
    I agree, eventbrite is pretty good
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    The Way of the Superior Man
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    iPhone X

    Apple’s most advanced iPhone yet with a 5.8" OLED display

    Steven J. Selcuk
    Steven J. SelcukFilmmaker & UI Desing and Illustration · Written
    Cuz why not?
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    Amazingly simple graphic design

    BeccaMarketing Associate · Written
    You can use Canva to help you design really cute invites for when you're having a party! It's super easy and fast (they have templates for you) so that you have a nice invite etc. for your events :)
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    Sean McCall
    Sean McCallCo-Founder & CEO @ Unaty · Written
    Sean McCall made this product
    If you're looking to plan events with the same group of people more than once, you might want to give this a try - you can invite everyone to your digital community - you can create events and invite your members, track attendance, send event updates, share files and photos, and more. Does this sound like it could help?