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What are the best online resources to learn software development

I'm trying to teach myself software development with C#, I'm thinking Treehouse will probably be a good one, but I'm looking for some other opinions, I'm looking for something that includes a few practical tutorial builds :)
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    Learn to code for free

    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    freeCodeCamp is a great (free) resource and they have also have a very supportive community.
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    Quick Code

    Curated list of free online programming courses

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver · Written
    Quick Code hosts a curated list of free online programming courses. This should help.
    Its a good learning resource
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    Bite-sized video training for modern web technologies

    Marcelo Risoli
    Marcelo RisoliWeb app developer · Written
    I'm a happy subscriber at Egghead, which mostly focuses around frontend and JavaScript, but their no-bullshit, bite-sized lessons are extremely well designed, there is a lot of free content but the paid content is even better! Some of its content is even created by key open source maintainers such as Dan Abramov of Redux or Andre Staltz of Cycle.js
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    Learn SQL with Codecademy and Periscope

    Learn SQL - the preferred tool of data analysts everywhere …

    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    Codeacademy is the best place to start. They really hold your hand (which is great for absolute beginners) but after you have some knowledge, I would recommend moving on to something like Code School or a class on Udemy.
    Fruzsi Peti
    Fruzsi PetiOnline Marketer @Intellyo · Written
    Easiest way to get started howver you have to pay to upgrade the basic learning process
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    How To Become A Digital Nomad

    Learn how to travel the world and make $ at the same time

    Lisa Dziuba
    Lisa DziubaMaker & PMM. Built & Sold my startup 🦄 · Written
    It has plenty of great courses!
    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    Udemy is great! I've found so many awesome hands-on courses. Never pay full price, you can always find a promo code or some deal they're doing.
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    Geocities Site Builder

    Share your abomination with the world

    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    Code School was probably my favorite tool when starting to learn Javascript. I really liked the format - you basically watch a short video where they explain a topic in a very simple manner, do a few challenges to reinforce what you learned, and repeat that process again and again.
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    Khan Academy Kids

    Inspire a lifetime of learning and discovery.

    Alex H
    Alex HSenior UI/UX Designer · Written
    Like their slogan says, you can learn anything! This is less structured but it allows you to do some deep dives on specific areas of interest.
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    The Best Laravel and PHP Screencasts

    JeffWeb developer at square1.io · Written
    From starter to advanced web devs. this is the place to be.
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    BeatriceWeb developer · Written
    Laracasts doesn't assume that you have any prior experience with PHP. The instructor speaks clearly, works cleanly, and allows errors to happen - just so you can learn how to deal with them when they happen.
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    PrimerFounder of Songbox · Written
    Laracasts is just the best. Videos are engaging and high quality and topics cover the whole spectrum of software development principles.
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    hem by Fab
    Caleb Sylvest
    Caleb SylvestPartner & Experience Designer · Written
    I'm a huge fan of Leo and his courses. Leo focuses on project based learning. Super good stuff. I got started with Ruby on Rails thanks to Leo.
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    A web service where everyone can learn to code

    I have been using Progate recently and found it to be quite fun and helpful. Doesn't have C#, but has other top languages.
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    iOS Development E-Book Bootcamp

    Learn to code & build iOS apps with no experience for $0 💻📱

    I have used many platforms to learn coding but sure that this the best of all. You don't only learn to code but also get part of a community full of engineers and meet with new creative people.
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    Learn to make awesome websites

    Alex H
    Alex HSenior UI/UX Designer · Written
    It's free and they do a great job at teaching the basics while keeping it fun and engaging
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    Learn to code with a mentor.

    Alex H
    Alex HSenior UI/UX Designer · Written
    Learn to code with a mentor
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    Skillshare Scholarships

    Enabling creators to pursue their creative vision.

    I have learned the basics on c# at skillshare and it is pretty good. The first 2 months are free I think but after that you will have to pay. But I don't think that you will need longer than that :)
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    MonkeyLearn 3.0

    Get actionable data from text with machine learning

    Marine Boudeau
    Marine BoudeauProduct + design · Written
    Great platform, most online courses are not free though. But I personally believe their teaching methods are one of the best online: you'll remember what you learn and be able to apply it to real life projets. They also have a very supporting community.
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    Lambda School

    A full Computer Science education - free until you get a job

    Kirill Zubovsky
    Kirill ZubovskyTroublemaker. Founder. Dad · Written
    From what I've seen, Austen and Co are doing a great job getting their students motivated to learn. Did you know that for the most online courses, students don't go past a second lesson? Doesn't matter how much it costs, students lose motivation and go to something easier. At least with Lambda, you'd be able to find a job when you're done , and this way you will have something serious to keep you going when the times get tough.
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    DreweLearning Advocate & Indie Hacker · Written
    Drew made this product
    HackSource is a massive list of curated & searchable programming tutorials. It provides learners one central place to search and discover programming resources from many of the products already on this list like– Codecademy, Laracasts, Udemy, Udacity, Treehouse and more.
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    GitHub Projects

    GitHub takes on Trello with new project management tools

    Elvira Đurašković
    Elvira Đuraškovićfull stack developer · Written
    Imagine a project, put it on paper, find out what functionalities you need to make it work as you imagined, go to Github and find the projects with similar functionality. Study them, discover how ‘others’ did it, ask questions on Stack Overflow.
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    Suresh Dasari
    Suresh DasariFounder of Tutlane.com · Written
    Suresh Dasari made this product
    Tutlane.com is the best online software development tutorials resource.
    Suresh Dasari
    Suresh DasariFounder of Tutlane.com · Written
    Suresh Dasari made this product
    Tutlane.com is a best online resource to learn software programming.
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    The ultimate profile for developers

    Igor Azarov made this product
    I would recommend to try the personalized learning path based on your CodersRank profile. It's beta at the moment, but can give real value in the long term, based on your up-to-date tech profile