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How do I get together with PH community?

Hi all, I've been developing and launching apps in the last 2 years or so, mostly tools for ecommerce Now I'm about to launch my first app that can be used by much broader audience, almost anyone who is using gmail for customer support and marketing tasks. This is how I found producthunt. For the past 72 hours I read everything I could find about launching on producthunt - success stories, the failure stories, check lists and a lot of the "do and don't do". I'm feeling like I'm entering a whole new world I wasn't exposed to so far. One thing that kept appearing on all blogs I read - "build a relationship with the community". That's the part I'm probably going to sound a little stupid to you (try not to judge me :-) ), Since I'm mostly a facebook guy I went and looked for facebook groups about producthunt but couldn't find anything serious there, so... where do I find this community? how do I make friends? I Really want to launch here to the most relevant audience. To be specific my new app named It is FREEMIUM model, chrome extension that works on gmail, ebay, amazon, (yahoo, outlook and more will be added soon). It lets the user easily create and store answering templates on your browser to reply different kind of email messages that are being asked frequently.Dedicated to anyone who's finding himself copy and pasting same messages over and over while replying to different people. Perfect for - sales agents, online and offline sellers, online marketers, small business owners and off course, customer support people.Once you loaded all your templates to the extension all you'll need to do is click a button and the stored message will be pasted into the email answering field. Cutting customer support time by 90%. Thanks
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