What's the best website designer for those who can't code?

I saw one recently on PH that people favorably compared to Squarespace, and then I tried to find it again but couldn't.
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    Sparkle 2.6

    Design full websites without writing a single line of code

    Marco CortiDesigner of Native Apps · Written
    Truly WYSIWYG, no need to know any code
    Duncan Wilcox Software developer · Written
    Duncan Wilcox  made this product
    As one of the co-founders and developers here, I'd add that unlike most other website builders where at some point you either need to know about code or about HTML concepts, we worked hard to make Sparkle as understandable as possible to regular people with a life and job that's not "web developer".
    For designers who like to design and don't waste time on coding!
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    All-in-one web design platform

    Brian HermelijnDesigner, Illustrator, Youtuber · Written
    If you're looking into WYSIWYG software, look into Webflow.
    If you know some basic HTML/CSS you can do a lot with Webflow.
    Justin MitchellFounder & CEO @ Yac · Written
    Webflow is amazing. We do all our sites in it here at SoFriendly, whether or not we keep the end result on their platform. It's super simple to use, powerful when you need it to be, and has great support to ensure great responsive design. Highly recommend
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    Build a fully functional web app without any code

    Will RobertsFounder Loyalty Bay · Written
    I mean you can build an Airbnb clone without knowing any programming...whats not to like
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    Mac web design app

  5. carlwheatleyUX/UI Designer · Written
    I use Wordpres and I don't code. Easy to setup..Divi Theme is Drag and Drop
  6. Juhan KaarmaCo-founder @www.chatcreate.com · Written
    If you're looking into something even simpler than Divi or WebFlow then Weps might be the right tool to go with. Awesome Chatbot onboarding experience. No drag'n'drop or countless templates. Hosting and domain are provided all from one place. More importantly al websites are responsive and mobile optimized from the get-go.
  7. Joe DempseyProduct Manager · Written
    Drag and drop, lots of options, you can add tags for SEO and analytics etc. Lots of plugins available. Flexible, easy to point domains, good value
  8. Avi ParshanAndroid Developer, YouTuber · Written
    Not a bad choice. It's a desktop application.
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    Create beautiful websites and blogs easily

    Krishna PrahasithCo-Founder & CTO @Tabiko ; BITSian · Written
    I hear this one a lot these days