Andrew AskinsPartner & CEO at Krit

Does anyone know of a Chrome plugin that hides or pauses autoplay video on websites?

Looking for something that will automatically pause or hide any video that tries to autoplay.
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    Disable HTML5 Autoplay
    Tyler HayesCEO @AtomLimbs. Prev @Bebo 💰Amazon · Written
    I swear by this Chrome extension. Works great, requires no work, can be customized, and takes no extra CPU.
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    Better tab muting in Chrome

    This won't stop the video, but it'll allow you to quickly mute any specific tab. A good middle ground.
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    See which companies are tracking you on websites

    Ghostery also has a ton of cookie-blocking capabilities, some of which can/will stop videos from playing. Worth testing out - when paired with AdBlock, not much goes through.