Tony FreedSoftware engineer

What onboarding/walkthrough tools do you use?

What's the best user onboarding tools (walkthrough widget) do you know or maybe even use? Appcues, Walkme, UserLane, UserIQ, etc.
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    Appcues 2.0

    Better user onboarding. Code free.

    Tony FreedSoftware engineer · Written
    Market leaders. Great and stable product.
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    We use AppCues too. So far, we have tested many on-boarding scenarios, and we have been able to achieve a 75% completion rate, where one of our on-boarding scenarios includes actions from the users.
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    Collaborative screen sharing for sales & success teams

    Veronika RiederleCo-Founder Demodesk · Written
    Veronika Riederle made this product
    If you want to walk your customer through your product in a call or collaboratively set up his account in a 1-on-1 session you should try out Demodesk. Both presenter and viewer can click and type and it requires no downloads.
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    Interactive onboarding and engagement platform

    Tony FreedSoftware engineer · Written
    One of the first products in this category. Enterprise.
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    Pop-ups from Dashly

    Add pop-ups to your customers’ journey at Dashly💣

    Valerie FenskeGrowth Marketing @ · Written
    Valerie Fenske made this product
    - Meet your new user with the qualification pop-up then place them into a particular segment to provide the value of your product in a proper way. (Dashly is a platform that collects the visitor and user data - then you can create sequences with Auto Messages based on their behavior) - Make them comfortable while learning the product - add onboarding pop-ups that activate them into key features - Just a few clicks, an image, and a button - that’s it! - your pop-up about an upcoming webinar or a new feature is ready. Don’t be afraid to engage users. Don’t forget to check whether the user saw your guide not to be annoying or push them further
    awersome support team !!
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    Product Tours by Usetiful

    Fight user churn with great user onboarding.

    Ondrej DobiasUsetiful co-founder · Written
    Ondrej Dobias made this product
    Highly flexible (supports single-page applications and SaaS platforms with deep business logic) and affordable (free!).
  6. Jon Maximus made this product
    We are using this product to on-board new customers for our telecom and financial clients
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    Create stunning tutorials and share them at lightspeed.

    An interesting time-saver.
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    UserGuiding 2.0

    An easy way to show how your product works 😻

    Mert AktasMarketing at UserGuiding. · Written
    Mert Aktas made this product
    Competitive pricing, beautiful UI and helpful support.
  9. Simple to use in-app messaging software that comes with javascript SDK to set the right event at the right place. Onboard your users automatically. It even comes with lots of other great features as live chat, chatbots, knowledge base and CRM.
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    Inline Manual

    Simplify Web Applications With Interactive Inline Tutorials

    It is good, but for a single page tools you still will need a developer to implement it.
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    Helppier integration with Canva

    Use your Canva designs to create popups, banners and tours.

    Priscila KarinaDigital Marketer 👩‍💼 Tech lover 💻 · Written
    Helppier is easy to use, has powerful customization features, and competitive pricing. You can try it out for free and check its features.
  12. v.krishnan kaushikDigital Transformation Expert · Written
    Well, Walkme is the best in the field but it is complicated, to begin with. You go with a Modern DAP solution like Apty which is equally good and perform more or less on the same lines. The USP of this product is that you can get analytics even before deploying for any web-based application and can design the flow accordingly. The time to deploy is fairly short, so i would say it is a complete package.