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What is your favorite app/plugin to save and organize sites/links in your web browser?

I'm currently using Bookmark OS in Chrome but I find it quite ugly. I need something to save a lot of articles and sites for later brainstorming. Any helpfull sugestions?
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  1. Omer Molad
    Omer Molad4Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe · Written
    Pocket is a really good way to save links. One click and easy to find later.
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    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger21SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc · Written
    I've been using Pocket since 2011 across all my devices and browsers - Google Chrome on my desktop, Android phone, and Android tablet, Kindle Fire and more recently on my iPhone as well. The sync is maintained beautifully across devices. Love the one click to save and recommend features.
    Brandon Uttley
    Brandon UttleyCEO, Go For Launch · Written
    Pocket is my go-to bookmarking tool as well.
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    Save articles to Read Later

    Brian Donohue
    Brian DonohueCEO, Instapaper · Written
    This classic mobile reading app has only gotten better with time and the addition of great features like full-text search, highlighting, notes, text-to-speech, and speed reading.
    Maurice Lewis
    Maurice LewisDigital / Politics · Edited
    Big fan of Instapaper! I save any interesting articles and links to Instapaper. Now with all the premium features available for free, it's a great way for anyone to organize and search through all of your saved links. I often use the Chrome extension to quickly save links and stories I stumble upon and use the mobile app to read stuff I've saved for later. Also the minimalist design is a plus.
    T O N I O
    T O N I OProduct / Motion designer at Pinterest · Written
    Yea I have to say I like Instapaper's UI the best, super clean and clear. Also the bookmarklet feature is niice!
  3. 77
    Raindrop.io 4.0

    All in one bookmark manager become even better

    Raindrop.io is so underrated!
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    Thomas Leitermann
    Thomas LeitermannProduct Manager, inovex · Written
    Found this on PH and really like it!! Super easy integration in all well-known browser, automatic sync between all devices, lists to share with others, quick dev team - really can't say anything bad! Currently I'm on the free plan and absolutely fine with it, although I'm eying premium for the nested-folder option - but its working out nicely even without.
    Laszlo Varga
    Laszlo VargaCEO of SImpleWP · Written
    Comfortable, easy to use, nice. Synches between my devices.
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    Save 95% memory by converting all your open tabs into a list

    Scott Rosenblum
    Scott RosenblumPresident/Founder, LEVEL PR · Written
    I was tipped off about OneTab many years ago and I have been an ardent user ever since. Not only does it save memory in the browser (er..um..ahem...Chrome!), but it is a neat way to save open tabs for later, organized initally by the date and time you saved it. Plus, you can also go into one tab and move various saved pages around, in case you want to customize/group as you see fit. Nice option for links that you might need again in the near future, but not worth preserving for a later date in Pocket.
    Ryan Eby
    Ryan EbySys Admin, Ann Arbor District Library · Written
    OneTab is great especially if you sometimes need a bunch of sites open for a project and switch projects. You can have tab groups that you open together or organize. It is now a pinned tab for me that keeps everything organized for quick access.
    Patrick de Hahn
    Patrick de HahnInternational news reporter · Written
  5. 32

    Better Than Bookmarks

    This is a nice way to keep links in front of you for quick access!
    Aleksandra5Maker @ Planet:tech, Supergirls · Written
    Literally a lifesaver for people like me with dozens of tabs opened all the time. You can save separate links, or the whole sessions. I also love how you can organize links in different projects, folders, etc...
    Becky Brouse
    Becky BrouseContract Manager for TYG Homes at KW · Written
    Love Toby! Aesthetically pleasing and simple to organize!
  6. 17

    Worth your attention

    Dayyan Smith
    Dayyan SmithMachine Learning @ SAP · Written
    I've been using Refind for over a year and it's exactly what I want. Its integration into Google search is very helpful.
    Refind also got a great recommendation engine. Basically Youtube recommendations for text!
    Patrick de Hahn
    Patrick de HahnInternational news reporter · Written
    Refind is trying to be a social platform around organizing and sharing links/tools/articles, it seems
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    Note taking gets even simpler

    Andreas Duess
    Andreas DuessCCO, Nourish Food Marketing · Written
    Evernote might be a piece of bloatware, but as a web content saving machine, it has no equal. I specifically like the ability of the web clipper to remove all superfluous content, like sidebars and ads, even going as far as just saving the text and images. I also like that it creates a local copy, so if a page goes offline, the content is still saved.
    Jason S. Mow
    Jason S. MowProduct & Android Engineer, Upthere · Written
    Evernote is great for clipping articles, tagging them, and finding them. The best part is the actual clipping portion which can pull stuff in different formats (simplified "reader" mode, or full page, etc). Very effective and useful
  8. Jonathan James
    Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Written
    IF you tightly organize your browser surfing sessions tab-for-tab THEN I suggest @session_buddy... By simply right-clicking on any page in Chrome you can save your current browser session.. @session_buddy saves the current entire set of tabs making them easily exportable and retrievable using TEXT, CSV, MARKDOWN, HTML, or JSON formatting. As your brainstorming continues you can simply open the session you previously left off with and continue finding new web resources, then export this new session and remove the previous one. If you don't care about exporting your session and sharing or working with it's contents later, and just want simple links with tags then use @Pocket; It offers a tagging system to just tag your links as you save them. I prefer exporting the session.. it removes dependency on an app for managing links and gives you the raw links as a set that can be sent to Cloud, Local Directory, or even Physical External Drive if you need. I find myself sharing exported JSON format sessions with others often. Also, if they don' t have Pocket then it's more difficult to get your session to them. Assuming you're doing research that requires others, I would choose @session_buddy.. otherwise if it's just all personal links that only you will need, use Pocket.
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  9. 8

    Personalized social bookmarking manager

    Reasons: Drag and drop. You can make multiple boards and columns. It even has the option of following other people's public boards when they add bookmarks (e.g. entrepreneur, web design tools etc.) I personally make this my first pinned tab when opening my web browser to gain access to my most frequently opened websites such as Gmail, Trello, Twitter etc.
    While I don't use the social aspect of Papaly, this has completely replaced my Chrome bookmarks. The ease of organizing has me hooked.
  10. 8

    Social bookmarking for introverts

    Scott Mebberson
    Scott MebbersonFounder @ focus booster · Written
    This is a quick, simple and reasonably priced way to bookmark if you want privacy and speed.
    And there are many great apps, for both desktop and mobile, that integrate with the service. I found this two years ago and I´ve never looked back
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    Refind: Read Soon

    A list for what you want to read in the next 2 weeks

    Max Yakin Bozek
    Max Yakin Bozek3Artist & Designer · Written
    This is duplicated. Se above you will find a newer version of this one, just called Refind.
    Armand Jay
    Armand JayProduct Designer · Written
    Great way to save and discover links.
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    All your stuff in one simple, visual, private place.

    Juan Vaamonde
    Juan VaamondeHead designer at hometime.io · Written
    Over the last decade I've tried many apps to organise my bookmarks, due to needing to save new links almost daily for design and tech, articles, work stuff, inspiration, project stuff, etc. I've tried using the native bookmark feature across Shrome and Safari, Pinterest with its lack of customisation, the clipping sites via the note focused Evernote and pocket adding pages via the non-syncing Inboard, and the late Ember App, but nothing truly satisfied my desire to have one place to organise all links, for many topics, be searchable, be shareble, and have customisable tile views. Dropmark does all those things. Only thing left is for them to complete their iOS app which is perpetually in development, but their chrome extension is perfect.
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    Highly for iOS

    Medium-style highlighting in every app and website. 🖌

    FᴀʀʜᴀᴅProduct & UX, Design Sprints · Written
    I've started using Highly recently and love that it lets you highlight the useful sections of a page. Doesn't provide much organisation, so you have to use the search to find what you want.
  14. Luca Tamburrino
    Luca Tamburrino🚀Founder of BeSourcer | Digital Marketer · Written
    Try Favinks made by Brainin :) It's really awesome
    Francesco Pisciotta made this product
    It's incredible! A social tool with a great UX!
    Alexis Hill
    Alexis Hillalexishillprados.com · Written
    Alexis Hill made this product
    It's really amazing!
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    The fastest way to save links in the cloud

    JaviUX Research Intern at Groove Commerce · Written
    The interface is very simple and clean. Wish they had a mobile app though.
    Anthony Feint
    Anthony FeintFounder Saved.io & Pen.io · Written
    Simple, and works on any device
    Max Yakin Bozek
    Max Yakin Bozek3Artist & Designer · Written
    saved.io lovely UI, maybe the minimalists' option.
  16. Michael Lee
    Michael LeeMaker of things for humans · Written
    If you've got a Google account, there's Google Bookmarks. Nothing fancy but it saves links, is searchable and you can tag it.
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    Email This

    Send ad-free articles & web pages to your email inbox

    Ollie Coleman
    Ollie ColemanSoftware craftsman · Written
    I found this bookmarklet via PH. It does exactly what it says on the tin. The best thing about EmailThis is that it helps me turn my email inbox into a todo/to-read list. I use it to save bookmarks/links that I need to read in the near future and I use Pocket to basically save everything that I might need someday.
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    allows users to quickly annotate web-pages.

    Sam Littlefair
    Sam LittlefairAssociate Editor, LionsRoar.com · Written
    Pocket, Trello, Inbox and Pinterest are all good, but Diigo is definitely the best. The highlighting and commenting is great. It comes with a reader function. And then you can read, compose, and organize in the web app itself. As a writer, it's one of my most important tools.
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    Safari 10

    The best way to see the sites.

    Alex Pandelidis
    Alex PandelidisDigital Marketer · Edited
    Works seamlessly on Apple devices, no extra sign-in/account/app required (besides iCloud). Reading list also keeps an offline version as well and has plenty of iOS/MacOS app support.
    I don't use Safari anymore, as I switched to Chrome for its extensions and DevTools, but if it's one thing that I miss – it's the Read Later function. Native, light-weight, synced, and accessible. Absolutely fantastic!
  20. 2

    Capture ideas, things to do and places to see

    Lyondhur Picciarelli
    Lyondhur PicciarelliT&R Project Manager at Weta Digital · Written
    It was actually.. Wunderlist. My favourite bookmarker (which I dubbed as Notemarker). Now Microsoft has given me, for free, a +3K commented, filed, tagged and linked headache.
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